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“Great Flavor”

“Presentation is definitely important but it means less if you do not have great flavor and sourcing great ingredients.”

Chef Matthew Basford, Canoe, Atlanta

“My favorite season is spring.”

“My favorite season is spring. There are so many incredible vegetables that are only available in spring: English peas, perfect strawberries, spring garlic. It’s so amazing to go to the farmer’s markets and see all of the colors as spring turns into summer.”

Executive Chef Nathan Coulon, True Food Kitchen

“It’s what I am meant to do”

“Cooking is such a big part of my life ever since I was a kid. I have been cooking my whole life and I know it’s what I am meant to do.”

Executive Chef, Avant Garden, NYC

“Bringing us all Together”

“The way food and cooking brought my family together really helped me see my vision in food, starting with working with my father in the town butcher shop to spending time with my mother and grandmother over the stove, bringing us all together.”

Chef Marcos Campos, Beatnik, Chicago

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