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AAT: Ep. 30 – How to Improve Leg and Hip Strength and Increase Stamina

On this episode of ‘Ask A Trainer’ we speak with LA Fitness Pro Results® trainer Stone T. and get his expert advice on increasing stamina, and improving leg and hip strength – it’s a double question, bringing double the amount of advice.

QA, LAF, LA Fitness, Ask Our Dietitian, organic produce, organic fruit, pesticides, herbicides, washing organic produce, how to clean organic produce, conventional vs. organic produce

To Wash or Not Wash Organic Fruit?

Though organic produce is not treated with pesticides or herbicides, there is the chance for contamination from spraying of nearby fields, handling and processing.

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Sleep and Weight: What’s the Connection?

The body cannot perform at an optimal level without proper sleep. We talk about the connection between sleep and weight and share 11 tips to help you sleep better!


Welcome to Living Healthy, the official health and fitness blog for LA Fitness! First launched in 2012, Living Healthy focuses on giving our readers the reading materials and videos they need in order to help successfully guide them on their journey to success. With nutrition advice from our registered dietitian Debbie James, RDN, to inspirational stories from our LA Fitness members, Pro Results® trainers and group fitness instructors, you’re sure to find something that that best suits your needs. Welcome to the Living Healthy community!

Airline Crew – Healthy Food Options

QA, LAF, LA Fitness, Ask Our Dietitian, healthy eating, nutrition, diet advice, nutrition tips, airline staff, healthy food on the go, food options for airline crew, health foods, eating healthy, healthy living
Healthy eating doesn’t seem like a luxury that airline pilots and crew get to enjoy. LAF registered dietitian, Debbie J., offers some healthy food options for our in-flight friends.

Does Camphorated Oil Burn Fat?

QA, LAF, LA Fitness, Ask Our Dietitian, camphorated oil, edible oils, fat burn, oils that burn fat, oils to avoid, nutritional advice, health advice, toxic foods, harmful oils
Camphor is an insoluble, waxy, flammable, white or transparent solid with a strong aroma, but is it healthy for you? Read this article before considering use!

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