Keely’s Success Story

Keely’s Success Story

“With fitness and health, when you take that first step, you attract the right people into your life. Your environment changes around you and you can reach your goal” explains Keely Field, a LA Fitness member.

In January 2015, Keely found herself at her heaviest weight, which caused her pain. She would often ignore the pain, but knew it wouldn’t go away. After countless medical appointments, Keely’s doctor explained that she was on the path to Type 2 Diabetes and needed to do something about it. Keely realized she no longer could ignore the pain in her body and needed to be proactive about her doctor’s concerns about her health. Keely knew it was time for something to change.

Shortly after meeting with her doctor, Keely joined the LA Fitness Pro Results® Personal Training Program and started training with Jay Padilla, a Pro Results® trainer. Jay knew exactly how Keely felt. He shared his own weight loss journey, which reassured Keely and let her know that she was in good hands. Keely started to train with Jay on a regular basis and complete a variety of workouts. Each time Keely entered the gym, she knew no two training sessions were ever going to be the same.

Jay’s encouragement and Keely’s dedication to her diverse workouts keep her moving forward. She continues to set goals and reach them every few months. Over time, these goals increase and Keely continues to enjoy successes with Jay. In fact, Keely recently surpassed her goal of losing 50lbs and has lost over 65lbs as of July 1, 2016!

As Keely reflects on her weight loss success, she shares that “you lose people, you lose things, you can lose moments, you can lose friends, you can lose partners, but what you never ever lose is an achievement.” Keely knows no one is going to do it for her. She continues to stay focused on her fitness and work out with Jay. She took her first step into her fitness journey and knows there is no turning back.

Click here to watch Keely’s success story and see how PRO RESULTS® personal training helps change her lifestyle. For more on Keely’s Story, check out Keely’s Personal Best and Daily Nutrition Plan.



DISCLAIMER: Results will vary. Keely’s story reflects an exceptional result, which does not apply to the average person, and is not representative of or a guarantee that you or anyone else will achieve the same or similar results. Do not attempt to change your diet, fitness routine, or any other activity related to your health without first obtaining the advice of a medical professional.

Valentine’s Day Hours for LA Fitness – All Clubs are Open on Valentine’s Day 2016

Valentine’s Day Hours for LA Fitness – All Clubs are Open on Valentine’s Day 2016

Is LA Fitness open on Valentine’s Day? Many people are asking the same question. See below for the Valentine’s Day hours at LA Fitness clubs.

All LA Fitness Clubs and Kids Klubs are OPEN and will maintain normal operating hours on Valentine’s Day, Sunday, February 14th, 2016.



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