LA Fitness Clubs and Kids Klub Father’s Day Hours 2015

Is LA Fitness and the Kids Klub open on Father’s Day? What are the hours for LA Fitness clubs and Kids Klub on Fathers’s day?

Fathers’s Day – June 21, 2015 hours are normal operating hours for ALL of our LA Fitness clubs and Kids Klubs.

Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy your day and keep LIVING HEALTHY Dads!

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How to do a Lat Pull Down – ‘Chin Up Grip’

How to do Exercises and use the Fitness Equipment at LA Fitness.

Lat Pull Down – ‘Chin Up Grip’

Select an appropriate weight and adjust the thigh support. Holding the bar at shoulder-width and with your palms facing you, pull the bar down and in toward your chest, stopping just below chin-level.  Return to the starting position as you control the weight, while being careful to keep your shoulders down; not allowing them to scrunch-up toward your ears. Repeat for your desired number of repetitions.

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