I remember finishing my residency, getting my first job, and asking myself “what next?” I had accomplished my goal of becoming a medical doctor but along the way, I picked up habits like stress eating and bad sleep hygiene. I started medical school at a size 0 and was now a size 12. For me, my weight was a reminder that I placed other things before my health in order to achieve my goals. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more than to change my lifestyle. I craved work-life balance. I wanted to have energy, and not by being laden with caffeine, but by being well rested. I wanted to be able to run to an emergency without feeling like I was having an asthma attack. I wanted to look in the mirror and see a woman who practiced what she preached.

So, I joined LA Fitness as an investment in myself. My initial progress was slow. I was always apprehensive of going to the gym and embarrassing myself because I didn’t know how to use the machines. I decided to join the training program for additional help. I met my trainer Ryan in 2016. I made an awful first impression by kicking him in the crotch after he asked me to do a high kick. I believe that’s the only time he has asked me to do that particular exercise. However, over time, we found our groove and dubbed ourselves #TeamRymo.

Left: Pro Results® Personal Trainer Ryan F. Right: Omosede I., LAF Member

Having a trainer basically changed my fitness journey. All of a sudden, I was half of a partnership. I got a roadmap. I got instructions. I got structure. Most of all, I got support. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Working 12-hour night shifts, means that some days, I am low on energy and motivation. Ryan has always been understanding in this regard and has been flexible with my goals and helping them fit my lifestyle.

Its inspiring to see results. My initial goals were to look healthy and work on my endurance. However, I’ve also gained strength, knowledge, and confidence.

My first piece of advice to people looking to change their lifestyle is “know thyself.” I don’t think there is one formula, or one diet that works for everyone. I think success comes when you figure out what works for you. For me, having a trainer works because it takes the stress out of having to figure everything out by myself. I like being part of the “trainees” because I’ve been able to work out with some of them, and I enjoy the sense of community. Honestly, it keeps me from slacking off because I’m being held accountable.

Secondly, “love thyself.” I had to recognize that hating my body wasn’t helping me. I decided to love the body that I am in right now. I still have to squint pretty hard before I can see a “sliver” of abs on my torso and even then, the light from the window has to hit me the right way. The body I envision isn’t here yet but as long as I’m doing my best, then it’s okay. I’m working on changing my mindset. For instance, instead of thinking of dieting as being restrictive, I’ve decided to think of it as putting good things into my body. Instead of thinking of exercise as being bothersome, I’ve decided to view it as being essential.

Last of all, “we are made for now, not tomorrow.” I’m trying to learn to live in the moment. So, do what you can today. It all adds up, even if it feels like it’s little.

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