“Back then, what I thought was healthy for me, wasn’t. I wanted to be healthier for my children and set a good example.

Waleska M.

Waleska is a mom with 2 part-time jobs who decided it was time to change the direction her weight was headed. In our interview with her, she shares how, even when surrounded by unhealthy food choices, she was able to decide on a lifestyle change and stick to it until she lost over 60 pounds! If you’re worried that you can’t make time for your health goals or that your environment hosts too many temptations to set you up for success, you need to read Waleska’s story! 

From Craving Chocolate to Paving New Roads 

My fitness journey started about 5 years ago,” explains Waleska. I was very overweight, and I realized I had to make a change when I gained 20 pounds in a single month. At the time, I worked for a chocolate company. I ate many chocolate chip cookies, drank hot chocolate, ate ice cream, and just overate when I was bored; but the chocolate boutique was the culprit. 

Back then, what I thought was healthy for me, wasn’t. I wanted to be healthier for my children and set a good example. 

Early Mornings at the Gym 

Once she realized her health was on the line and decided to be healthier for her kids, she started to plan around her existing schedule. My fitness routine starts in the morning right after my kids leave for school [and] I try to get it done before I start work. 

I first start off with a 5-10 min warm up on the treadmill or elliptical. I like to mix it up to avoid boredom, so I tend to alternate between lifting and calisthenics. I like to do overhead presses with squats, bicep curls, deadlifts, and chest flies. If I can’t make it to the gym, I try to do a 30minute workout video from YouTube like “Strong by Zumba. 

The important trend to notice here is in Waleska’s commitment to consistency. If she can fit gym time into her schedule, she’s got a backup plan and she sticks to it! 

 The Goal to Inspire 

Oftentimes we worry that we’ll have a hard time adjusting or adhering to whatever health goal we’re trying to accomplish. However, Waleska’s experience is a great example of how a healthy lifestyle is possible when you focus on what you love about it.

I enjoy working out and I’ve lost more than 60 pounds with physical activity and by watching what I eat,” she explains. I enjoy working with others, so I am currently studying to become a personal trainer to help others with their journey.  

In the end, the most important thing is that you “never give up” and that you “keep going, she exclaims. We all have the power within us to succeed in what we want to do! 

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