Real Stories of Weight Loss – Two Stories from the Valley of the Sun

Amidst red rock, desert mountains, cactus and tumbleweeds lies the Greater Phoenix Area of Arizona. Two people who reside within its limits have made a decision to change their lives through fitness and weight loss—Jenn Reddish and Sandy Aker.

Less than a year ago Jenn arrived in Scottsdale, Arizona after moving from Carmel, Indiana—a suburb about five miles just outside of Indianapolis. Her life is full of amazing trips, a hectic work-life and an ever-changing schedule. At 193 pounds, Jenn decided she could no longer ignore the effects that her weight had on her life, and so she began her journey on the road to weight loss.

About 30 miles to the southeast of Scottsdale you can find Sandy who was raised in Laveen, Arizona; the same place she lives today. For Sandy, the decision to lose weight has far more meaning than simply losing pounds: she made a decision to find the best in herself and in life.

Jenn and Sandy are two amazing people who, like you, have had to overcome life’s obstacles to get to where they are today. Though their goals are very similar, their journeys are quite unique. Their stories allow you step into their shoes, and become part of an exhilarating ride. Along their journeys you will find that their shoes are not dissimilar from yours…and that their successes can inspire your success as well!

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