The season of gift giving and resolution making is upon us. Whether the people in your life are active or just starting out, the LA Fitness Online Shop has a lot of cool gifts that cater to their lifestyle. We’ll also be showing off some HyperIce technology that we think deserves a shout out, because with every great workout you need the tools for a solid recovery.  

From cozy sweaters to high-tech equipment, our holiday gift list is here to offer you some truly unique gift ideas. 

LAF Gear and Apparel


The most versatile gift option is one that allows your recipient to use their gift however they’d like. LA Fitness gift cards* can hold $50 to $200 and can be used to pay for Pro Results® Personal Training, HIIT, Pilates, Hot Yoga, and more. Just type choose your design, your amount, and you’re good to go! 


Warm, stylish, and perfect for the upcoming winter months, this Cropped Hoodie makes a great gift. Pair it with a quality gym bag or some headgear and your set is complete. If you don’t like the cropped sweater look, you can find the full-length version here. 


We just celebrated our 35th Anniversary! This Charcoal Heather pullover commemorates 35 years of LA Fitness in a soft, moisture controlling jacket. If you’re planning to gift apparel to someone who overheats easily and rarely wears a sweater, this lightweight jacket is the easy winner! Don’t forget to check out the women’s section for this design as well. 


The Half Dome Duffel is a medium capacity bag that is perfect for carrying your gym essentials. At 18″ wide and 10″ tall, it is easily capable of fitting a pair of gym shoes, your protein shaker, a small towel, and of course your phone, wallet, and keys. 


Because of its sleeveless design and relaxed fit, the muscle tank is a comfortable, breathable piece of work out apparel. Represent your commitment to HIIT with this logo tank and show up to the gym to hit your workout hard. Don’t forget to add a water bottle to complete the gift! You can go with aluminum or reusable plastic. 


Keep it simple with this t-shirt design. Made with a premium cotton and polyester blend, this fitted shirt is both comfortable and flattering. Complete the gift by adding an LAF or HIIT branded cap. 


These Black Heather tights are a must! We all know the appeal of a good pair of tights. The comfort and flexibility they offer your work out is simply sublime. Grab a pair of these for the tights-lover on your gift list and add the LA Fitness Sport Bra to create the perfect duo. 

High Tech Recovery Tools by HyperIce

Clicking on the Recovery Tab on the Shop LA Fitness website takes you to the HyperIce website. Here you will find lots of cool gadgets and wearable tech that take your workout recovery to the next level! Here are 3 that we think would make a really nice holiday gift! 

Photo credit: HyperIce


This is one impressive piece of tech. Quiet, lightweight, and with an interchangeable head, this massager ramps up your recovery. Similar devices are used in physical therapy offices because they are very good at releasing muscle tension and improving blood circulation. They can even help promote faster muscle recovery. It works by pulsing a controlled pressure to your muscles that you manually guide. This gift is a lifesaver for anyone who works hard in the gym and has the aches and pains to prove it. 

Photo credit: HyperIce


This is no ordinary foam roller. Built into this extraordinary piece of technology is the muscle saving function of high intensity vibration. In addition to the benefits of regular foam rolling, this device vibrates to deliver powerful relief to your muscles, right where you need it. In fact, vibration massage is studied for its potential ability to prevent muscle soreness after exercise, reduce joint pain, and even increase muscle mass.1 That’s why this device makes our gift list! 

Photo credit: HyperIce


The HyperIce ICT is an ultra-thin ice compression device that comes in different shapes and sizes for use on your back, legs, knees, and shoulders. This is a great gift idea for people who need to ice on the go without worrying about melting ice or dripping condensation. The material is also antimicrobial and machine washable! 

For more holiday tips and ideas, check out our blog post, Gearing Up for the Holidays, for 9 tips to help stay in shape this season. To access our monthly blog post highlights, subscribe to our newsletter today! 

* Gift Card Terms and Conditions  


  1. Fanous, Summer. “What Is Vibration Therapy?” Healthline, 19 July 2016, 



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