Spring cleaning is all about getting rid of the old and making room for the new! It’s a season for change. A time to make things fresh again. But, how did spring cleaning become such a tradition?

The History of Spring Cleaning

According to an article published by Country Living1 referencing an article that was published by the Washington Post, the annual tradition of spring-cleaning dates back to the 1800s when housekeepers would have to clean the dirt that had collected in the home from the cold winter months.

Soot and grime would collect, lamps were lit with whale oil or kerosene, and needless to say, things got messy. In order to clean the mess up, windows would be opened to let in the fresh air and let out the dirt and soot. Of course, opening up the windows meant the weather had to be nicer.

However, there are also religious origins associated with spring cleaning in Jewish, Christian and Iranian customs. Each consist of a special type of cleaning that takes place in honor of a religious holiday.

And probably the most obvious of all reasons is that in the winter the weather is colder and the sky is murkier, which makes us sleepier – not to mention that the days are shorter! Energy is hard to be found during the winter months, so once the sun starts showing itself again and our bodies begin feeling recharged, it’s easier to wake up and feel an urge to start wiping away all that extra dust you may start noticing around the house.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Whatever your reason for spring cleaning is, it’s always good to try switching things up, whether that’s spring cleaning your home, your fitness routine, or your nutritional habits! (Did those warm winter comfort foods add on a few extra pounds?)

Check out our list of some helpful ways you can spring clean your health and fitness routines!

Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine Tip #1

Here comes the sun, do doo do do.

Staying active doesn’t have to just mean staying active in the gym! Living a healthy lifestyle means staying active indoors and outdoors! When the weather starts looking nice, head outside for some fresh air and to try a new exercise – switching up your fitness routine can help prevent your body from hitting a weight loss plateau.

Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine Tip #2

Out with the old, in with the new!

Are you a cardio person or more of a weightlifter? Chances are you probably prefer one over the other, but both are needed for a balanced fitness routine! Try switching it up and add some more weight training to your routine or cardio if that’s where you normally struggle. Change can do the body good, and there’s no better time than spring cleaning to get started with something new!

Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine Tip #3

HIIT the Ground Running

Spring cleaning your fitness routine doesn’t necessarily mean trying an entirely new activity. It could be something as simple as switching up your interval training. Perhaps try shorter, high-intensity workouts a couple times a week and combine those with longer, steadier workouts throughout the week.

Find a HIIT by LAF® studio near you.

Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine Tip #4

The Early Bird Gets the Gains?

A workout is a workout no matter the time of day, but if you’re used to going to the gym after work, try going first thing in the morning – dare we suggest even before your morning cup of coffee? Or if you’re used to mornings, try going after work and sweating off some of that post work stress. Changing up the time you go to the gym helps keep things fresh and can help break you out of your normal routine.

Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine Tip #5

Spring into Sports!

Are you a fan of sports? Try joining a recreational sports league to help keep yourself active while also trying something new! Sometimes, participating in sports is a great way to forget you’re working out while also having fun. LA Fitness offers a variety of club leagues – ask the front desk about it today!

Join a league.

Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine Tip #6

Group Fitness Fun

If you haven’t tried a Group Fitness class yet, now is the time! There are countless options available at various times throughout the day. Try an activity you’ve never done before and give it a chance – it could become one of your new favorite exercises. Plus, having a class support group and trained instructors cheering you on can help keep you motivated on days that you’re losing steam.

Find a group fitness class for you, here!

Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine Tip #7

We. Dare. You.

Are you up for a challenge? Sign up for a race! It’s a great way to train for an event and embrace your competitive side. Plus, cardio is great for the heart and building endurance. Even if you’re not a fan of long distance running, there are plenty of 5ks available year around. Check out what’s local to you!

Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine Tip #8

Grab a Moving Buddy.

Friends who train together make waves together. Swap out after work happy hour for flex hour at the gym. Not only does having a gym buddy help keep you accountable, but it can be a lot more encouraging than working out solo. Try inviting a friend to join you for a sweat sesh and set mini challenges for each other for some friendly fun.

Invite a friend.

Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine Tip #9

Train. Harder.

Do you feel like you have a pretty good grasp on fitness by now? Try elevating your fitness routine by working with a personal trainer. Adding a trainer to your routine can help you train harder, add variety to your workouts, and push you to step outside your comfort zone.


  1. Carter, Maria. “How Spring Cleaning Became an Annual Tradition.” Country Living, Country Living, 24 Jan. 2018, www.countryliving.com/home-maintenance/a38381/how-spring-cleaning-became-a-tradition/.

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