Shortly after John S. lost his wife of 53 years, he joined LA Fitness’ Silver Sneakers program in an effort to occupy his time. Unfortunately, more bad news still lay ahead. John was soon diagnosed with prostate cancer, causing him to spend two months in the hospital and another month in a rehab center. He was unable to lift or open a 16-ounce bottle of water. He was also unable to lift himself off the toilet seat and back into his wheelchair. It was a life-changing experience that this 80-year-old veteran and bible teacher never saw coming. Still, he persevered.

John S. with trainer Jenna N.

“To Jenna N. and LA Fitness, you have not only changed my life, but probably have saved it. With great sincerity and appreciation, I say ‘Thank You’.”

John S.

LA Fitness Member

John S. during his hospital stay.

When John was discharged from the rehab center, his wheelchair went with him. Over the course of the next year, John was required to wear a catheter and take a large number of prescription drugs. Slowly but surely, he went from a wheelchair, to a walker, and then to lifting weights. Once John was able to move around again (without the assistance of a wheelchair or walker), he began training at LA Fitness with Master Trainer, Jenna N. John shared, “Anyone can be inspired to exercise when your trainer is a 26-mile marathon runner.” Jenna was well-educated on which exercises would help improve John’s balance and coordination since he had previously been used to the assistance of either a wheelchair or walker.

Over time, John began getting stronger. In his words, “I went from prescription drugs to aspirin and black coffee, and no longer need a catheter. I am grateful for [my local] LA Fitness and their training program.” From having gone from three months bed confinement, with guests having to wear face masks when visiting him, John has come a long way to where is he today. When asked how having a trainer helped improve his overall health and fitness levels, John shared the following:

You may ask, ‘To work with a trainer, is it expensive?’, and I would ask you, ‘Being healthy or being sick?’ You do not know what I went through for those three months of bed confinement and prescription drugs. I understand that the medical team was doing the best they [could] having me as a patient. For days, my visitors had to wear a mask to visit me. Normal PSA (protein serum antigen) levels for a man are between 1 and 4. My PSA level was 234. Only an act of God could have kept me alive […] perhaps to write this testimony.

If you feel lost when it comes to where to begin your fitness journey, investing in a personal trainer may be the best place for you to start. LA Fitness offers a complimentary fitness assessment* with every membership. Every story has a beginning… what’s yours? Start writing it today at LA Fitness.

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