Have you ever suffered from a heartbreak? Meet Tyler G. of Dallas, TX, who found himself at an all-time low after his 7-year relationship came to a brutal end. He felt completely lost and suffered from overwhelming depression and anxiety. Tyler became so insecure with himself, that he didn’t know what to do – until he came to the point where he knew he had to change, take action, and gain control of his life again. That’s what brought him through the doors of LA Fitness back in December of 2016.

From Negative to Positive

At the start of Tyler’s fitness journey, he weighed in at 250 lbs. with a size 40 waist. Performing everyday tasks started to become challenging, and he was ready to change that. Tyler noticed that the more he stepped into the gym and trained, the more he started to see his body change, and not only that, but his mind started to transform too. He began eating healthier foods and substituted all the negatives he faced with positives. He fell in love with the process and soon found himself going to the store and checking the nutrition facts on everything he was buying. His diet started consisting of high protein, healthy carbs, and plenty of veggies. Not only that, but Tyler cut out all fried foods, fast food, sodas and sugar that he was used to. He had become determined to change the way he looked and felt, and he wasn’t about to give up

“The body is a very fascinating being, and you can literally transform the way you look, by exercising and eating healthy […] once the process starts to unfold you will fall in love with the lifestyle.”

Tyler G.

LA Fitness Member

A Whole New Life

Tyler trains every day now, sometimes even twice a day. He has learned that taking control of his own health and exercising regularly can help benefit so much, both mentally and physically. Since beginning his fitness journey with LA Fitness, Tyler has gained a passion for fitness and healthy living. He hopes to take what he’s learned and use it to help inspire and motivate others to do the same. Every time Tyler steps into the gym, he sees it as a battle he holds against himself. He put it as, “it’s me vs. me and I’m never going to lose, and after my workout I just feel so satisfied.” Tyler now weighs 180 lbs. and says that his size 32 shorts are now a little loose!

“It has totally changed my whole life. I have gained self-confidence in myself to believe I can do anything I set my mind to. The gym has allowed me to overcome so much adversity in my life, and I am so thankful for that. It has given me peace in my life, and for me that is the ultimate achievement.”

Tyler G.

LA Fitness Member

The Future

Tyler plans to keep pushing himself and learning more about himself through a consistent training regimen. He hopes to soon enter a physique competition and perhaps one day become a sponsored athlete. Tyler also hopes to one day become a trainer and use his own personal success story to inspire and help change others for the better.

This article is not meant to be construed as medical or nutritional advice. Consult with your physician before beginning a new fitness or dietary regimen.

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