I have just joined LA Fitness and discussed nutrition with my trainer but I would like to get some insight from you. I am single, 60 years old, and I hate cooking so I go for the prepared meals more often than I should. Could you tell me what snacks I should put together for someone who usually only eat one time per day. They must be easy to put together and prefer something I can eat at my desk without being messy.

– Joyce C.


Don’t want peanut butter on your work papers? Normally I’d suggest hummus or yogurt, but there are plenty of neater options you can put together – or buy ready to eat. Here are some options to explore:

Individual wrapped string cheese or peeled hard cooked eggs are proteins you’ll need to keep cold. They pair well with a small banana, pretzels or baby carrots. You could try one of the newer snack packs with nuts, cheese cubes and dried fruit (found in grocery’s refrigerator case).

Traditional trail mix now has an alternative – energy bites or clusters that are easy to pop into your mouth. Most are made of grains, nuts and dried fruit, and sometimes soy or egg protein.

Think outside the box. Who says a snack can’t be breakfast food, appetizer or a liquid? Mini quiches and egg rolls could be quickly heated in the microwave for a warmer snack. A can of  low-sodium vegetable juice is super easy and nutritious.

– Debbie J., MS, RD

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