Flash back to the days of childhood – the laughing, the running, the singing and most of all – the jumping. It seems like as children we have an endless supply of energy, and it’s probably why the jump rope was such a popular toy at recess. However, did you know that jumping rope acts as a great way to exercise? Yes, that childhood toy can actually be used as exercise equipment. In fact, more calories can be burned in shorter time increments while jumping rope as compared to other cardio options.1

When done properly, jumping rope can be a lower impact activity than jogging. How is this possible? Well, the key is to stay “high on the toes”2, according to Roger Crozier, who coaches a competitive jump rope team. Carrying a jump rope around with you can be a great addition to a workout at LA Fitness, or when you’re not in close proximity to a LA Fitness club. When choosing the type of jump rope to buy, go for beaded or plastic ropes. They tend to be more durable than cotton ones and move through the air faster, allowing a more intense workout.

The How-To

Before getting started with your cardio jump rope routine, make sure to measure your rope to ensure that it properly fits the height of your body. You can do this by following these easy steps:

  1. Stand on the middle of the jump rope.
  2. Measure the handles to your armpits.
  3. If they extend past your armpits, cut and adjust as necessary. If they don’t reach armpit height, you will need a longer rope.
  4. Then start jumping! (Just don’t forget to land on the balls of your feet.)


Once you feel comfortable with a regular jump rope routine, there are plenty of fun challenges you can try to help up your game. Some fun variations to try, while increasing difficulty, would be the following:

  • Single Leg Hop. Alternate between hopping on one leg, then switch and do the same amount of jump rope repetitions on the other.
  • Another way to get that feel-good burn is to try High Knees, which will help your hip flexors.
  • Not a fan of the high knees? Try “Butt-Kicks”, where your heel lifts back to kick your buttock, working your hamstrings.

Keep it fun, but make it challenging, for a rewarding cardio workout.

Curious about what other fitness methods are both fun and rewarding for your body? Why not submit a question to Ask A Trainer or ask a trainer* at a club? One of our certified Pro Results® trainers can help answer all your tough fitness questions. Your question may even be featured in an upcoming Ask Our Trainer video!

*Pro Results® Personal Training is subject to a separate agreement and an additional fee.


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