Who said fitness can’t be fun? Finding the right physical activity for you can make a world of difference. Did you know LA Fitness offers Club Leagues on top of Group Fitness classes? This means finding the right workout for you may simply be a matter of sampling all the club has to offer before finding where you fit in. For those of you who enjoy some friendly competition, consider signing up for Club Leagues racquetball. What makes the leagues so great is that they are broken down into different levels, allowing members of all skill sets to play in a fun and well-structured format.

The easiest way to sign up for a league is at the front desk of your local club, or you can sign up for a league online here!


At the most recent racquetball Club League finals, at the Irvine Crossroads location, we spoke with the eight finalists who were competing for the sought-after title of Racquetball Champion. Four teams of two were matched against one another, playing best 2 out of 3. Whomever obtained a score of 11 first then moved on to the next round, until it was down to the final two: Rajesh vs. Ashish. Both men were neck-at-neck, sweat-laden, and refused to go down without a fight. Three rounds of well-played racquetball later, Ashish was victorious!

Ashish was first introduced to Club Leagues racquetball when he witnessed others playing at his LA Fitness. At the time, he was studying abroad for his Masters degree and was looking for ways to stay active and socialize. Ashish shared, “I got involved playing racquetball watching others play in LA Fitness. It’s [a] fast sport, which got me into [the] game. Joining the LA Fitness league definitely boosted my racquetball game.” Now, about five years later from when he first started competing, Ashish is a racquetball champion – way to go!

Participation in Club Leagues requires the payment of an additional fee. League availability and amenities vary by club.

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