“Physical health and mental health are very much combined […] set[ting] a goal and [going] for it is so beneficial for your total health.”

Barb M.

LAF Member

Has age ever made you feel like there are limitations to what you can do? If so, meet Barb M. of Centerville, OH. Barb is 66 years old. She also recently completed a half marathon. Age is simply a number to her.

The Challenge

What may surprise you about Barb is the fact that she was never much of a runner. She completed her first half marathon at 62 years old, and the story of how she got to that point is just as extraordinary. Barb made a career for herself as a behavioral health nurse. It was about four years ago now when a doctor she worked with, who was a runner, challenged Barb to train for a half marathon. And just like that, Barb set a goal to run her first half marathon at 62. After all, Barb is not the type of woman to back down from a challenge.

However, training to run a half marathon was no easy feat. Barb knew she would have to set baby goals along the way. She started off by walking 15 minutes a day – sounds pretty easy, right? Well, that first 15 minutes soon turned into 30, and her walking then turned into running. By the end of 6 months Barb was running 13 miles at least once every week. On her “off days” Barb would run anywhere between two to eight miles. Her determination to achieve her desired goal helped push her to continue training.

The Moment of Truth

Then, in April of 2013, it was the moment of truth. The Ohio River Runners Half Marathon was upon her, and Barb had no problem completing the half marathon in 3 hours. With that accomplishment under her belt and her continued commitment to fitness, Barb M. was awarded the 13th annual Silver Sneakers /Richard L. Swanson Inspiration Award three months later. However, having a half marathon under her belt and receiving the Richard L. Swanson Inspiration Award didn’t stop Barb from continuing on with her fitness journey.

The Future & LA Fitness

Barb M. joined LA Fitness in April 2017 after retiring from her day job, and she began working out with Pro Results® trainer Jimmy T. She shared that Jimmy helps teach her what each machine will do to help her continue to get stronger. Her goals now are to improve her core stability as she ages and “perfect [these] goals with LA Fitness.” Barb M. strongly believes that “physical health and mental health are very much combined […] set[ting] a goal and [going] for it is so beneficial for your total health.”

If you’re ready to make a change, and set a goal like Barb M., share it with us here! Ready to take your fitness to the next level, schedule an appointment with a Pro Results® trainer today.

Consult your physician before starting a new fitness regimen. Pro Results® Personal Training requires a separate agreement and is subject to an additional fee.

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