“I finally came to the conclusion that a trainer was less expensive than a funeral.”

Randy B.

LA Fitness member

Randy B. of San Marcos, CA joined LA Fitness 6 years ago as he was nearing the golden age of 50. His sudden proactive attitude spawned from a troubling family health history. His father died at the young age of 52 from heart failure and diabetes, and his grandfather passed away at age 50, also from heart-related issues. With Randy’s own age suddenly nearing that seemingly fateful number, he made the decision to change his lifestyle and make fitness a priority. At the encouragement of friends already training with Pro Results® personal trainer Brandon W., Randy followed suit and started training with Brandon W. at LA Fitness three times a week.

Due to his job as a retail manager, which involves a lot of time spent at the computer or in the car, Randy started noticing that he was experiencing shoulder issues, and shared what was happening with his trainer Brandon. Brandon immediately began working on methods to help strengthen Randy’s shoulders, chest and back to help improve these issues. Since switching up his training routine, Randy shared that “the work Brandon has done has also had a major impact on my posture which has eliminated any back pain.” Even though Randy will be undergoing shoulder surgery soon, he notices the exercises he’s been doing have helped improve his strength, which his doctor says will help with the recovery.

“I finally came to the conclusion that a trainer was less expensive than a funeral. While personal training may seem expensive, it has such a positive impact on your overall results and thus your overall health, that it really can change your quality of life,” shared Randy B. When Randy first started personal training, his original goals were to lose 25 pounds, work on general strengthening and to improve his overall cholesterol. Since starting the Pro Results® program and working with Brandon W., Randy has lost 55 lbs., lowered his blood pressure and cholesterol, and increased his overall strength and energy levels!

Today Randy’s goals are to maintain his weight, continue strength training, and improve both his flexibility and cardio. He credits his success to his trainer Brandon W., who inspires him by always being persistent on follow up, talking him through the functionality of what they are doing, and explaining how it will help Randy better perform in life.  Randy shared that his conversations with Brandon are focused on asking questions about what he does—what he does well and also where he struggles. Brandon then tailors Randy’s training to help him meet his specific goals.

Aside from the fitness building duo team of Randy and Brandon, Brandon introduces his clients to each other and encourages them to work together and help hold each other accountable. Randy expressed that “it builds a total gym training family [and] support group which keeps all of us going.” Not only that, but having others around you working towards similar goals can help spark, and rev up, that competitive spirit. Having a healthy and encouraging group of friends can help you push yourself to be better, even on the days where going to the gym may seem tiring. As for Randy, he plans to continue staying active and eating healthy so that he can live a long, happy and healthy life.

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Results will vary. Consult with your doctor before starting a new exercise program. Pro Results® personal training services are subject to additional fees and a separate agreement.

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