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These are our most recent members who have committed to their fitness goals.

Yolany G.

Yolany G. wants to lose 20 pounds, and it looks like she’s well on her way to achieving that goal. Keep up the hard work!

Scott H.

Scott H. wants to live forever! Can you blame him? Life in the water seems pretty refreshing after all!

Darien H.

Darien H. is a personal trainer at LA Fitness & his fitness goal is to have a better quality of life. Keep going!

Chris G.

Chis G. hopes to improve his strength & athletic agility – sounds like an achievable fitness goal, Chris! Keep it up.

Alex H., Sean A., & Dakota L.

Alex H. wants to be a lean, mean, fighting machine! Sean A. & Dakota want to maintain being healthy. Keep staying active guys!

Stephanie Y.

Stephanie Y.’s fitness goal is to stay healthy & to keep challenging herself. Stick to your goals & you can do it!

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