Club League Basketball is not for the weak-hearted. These men come to play.

Sneakers, sweat, and no regrets – it’s a mindset, an attitude, and the thrill of competition that drives the men of LAF’s Basketball Club League to give it their all. As the refs were suiting up, the players were hard at practice as the basketball court at Irvine Michelson was quickly filling up with friends and onlookers, eager to watch the championship game.

As the scoreboard lit up and the whistle blew, the basketball was tossed high in the air, and quickly smacked down into play. The game was fast-paced and booming with intensity, layups, and 3-pointers. The first basket of the game was made by #47 Lane C. of Team C. By the end of the 1st half of play Team C led 27-23.

As the second half began, Team O (last year’s champions) knew they were up against a team who wanted the win just as badly as they did. The ball was tossed from player to player, back and forth across the court, seemingly picking up speed as the clock quickly clicked down. Both teams gave it their all, but the final score was in favor of Team C with a win of 68-57.

With a win for Team C, and last seasons’ win from Team O, who will take it next season? Keep training, guys!

Club League Member Experiences: 

Dean A. #1, of Team C, heard about club league basketball through his friend Lane. He enjoys how well-organized the league is and that the games start on time, especially with everyone’s busy schedules.

Frank Z. #5, of Team O, has been a part of the basketball clubs leagues since they first started. He enjoys how the people he plays alongside are friends of his both on and off the court.

It was Charles B.’s #4, of Team O, first season participating in club league basketball, and he said he will definitely be back next season! He had originally heard about the league while he was shooting hoops in the basketball court and a few people approached him and asked if he wanted to join their team – it’s a great way to become more social at the gym while getting a great workout!

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