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Cable Machines 101 – Triceps

Cable Triceps exercises can be an effective addition to your upper arm workouts for a couple of reasons. First, the sustained resistance provided by cable exercises doesn’t allow your triceps to relax at any point through the entire range of motion. Also, cable triceps exercises offer a safe way to increase weight and resistance, while challenging your core and stabilizing muscles as well.  This results in your muscles being tighter, developed and more defined.

Head to the club and try using these exercises to tighten and tone your upper arms today!

TOP TIP – Remember to extend or straighten your arms completely during triceps exercises to fully contract the muscle.

TOP TIP – For each exercise below, your arms should form approximately a 90 degree angle at your elbow when bringing the dumbbell toward your body.

TOP TIP – Do NOT let your shoulders shrug or scrunch up to your ears during triceps exercises.

TOP TIP – ALWAYS choose a weight that you can safely control. If you are unsure about the appropriate weight for your fitness level, ALWAYS start light, learn the exercise and increase the weight as needed.

TOP TIP – Flex and tighten your core and ab muscles during this exercise while maintaining proper posture.

Cable Kickbacks

Seated Overhead Extensions

Cable Bar Pushdowns

Individual Arm Cable Pushdowns

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