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Part 3 (days 61-90): Forming Habits That Last

Welcome the final stretch of your 90 Day Journey to a Leaner You!

Week 9: Have a Backup Plan

There will always be an instance when you aren’t able to prepare the meal you intended on. Having something you can rely on in a pinch, other than fast food drive, will save you and your waistline from frustration.

  • One option is storing a healthy frozen dinner that will be both satisfying and balanced.
  • Another is already having the healthiest option on a take-out menu circled and the restaurant number on speed-dial… or better yet, store both on your smart phone.
  •  A fail-safe you can instantly turn to means having control over what you eat when things don’t go as planned.

TOP TIP: ‘Cook once and eat twice’ allows you to use leftovers for a full meal. No more halving recipes that call for too many servings – just store extra portions in small containers.

Week 10: Like what you eat.

There’s no point in forcing down some ultra-healthy food if it makes you gag. An eating style that lasts a lifetime has to include foods that you enjoy. If the only way you can eat some vegetables is fat-laden (creamed spinach or sweet potato fries) then you can work those in by saving elsewhere. Likewise, if a sweet red smoothie is the only way you’ll ever have beets then go for it and cut back sugar from the rest of the day.

TOP TIP: Share a dessert or appetizer if you are going to indulge. These average more than 400 Calories at many restaurants! Ask for a take-out box to be brought out with the item so you can put some away to enjoy at home.

Week 11: Make it last.

Nuts and nut butters have amazing ability to stick to your ribs, curb appetite and ward off the munchies. Plus, they are excellent sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids that help decrease harmful blood LDL cholesterol when replacing saturated fats.

So skip the cream cheese on your bagel and try almond butter instead. Add mixed nuts to dried fruit and cereal squares for a homemade trail mix that you can take on the go. Sprinkle pecans or pine nuts on a salad to make it more substantial.

TOP TIP: Substituting healthier alternatives to fats in recipes is not an art; it’s easy! Applesauce can replace half the fat in baked goods, low-sodium chicken broth can be used for sautéing instead of oil and plain non-fat Greek yogurt can replace sour cream.

Week 12: Invigorate your diet with something new.

Keep the interest and excitement in your eating plan. Live with no regrets! Introducing new foods is a great way to break the monotony of a repetitive menu. Like meeting someone for the first time, the worst that can happen is that you don’t like them. On the upside, you might be surprised to find a new BFF. Why not try a wheat grass shot, pomegranate juice, lamb, vegetarian item, ethnic dish or okra?

TOP TIP: If you want to stay slim and flatten your belly, drink green tea daily. It has beneficial compounds that help keep people trim. Be sure to look for pure green tea. Ice it yourself if you prefer a chilled version.


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Debbie James is a registered dietitian. Any views or opinions presented in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions or recommendations of Fitness International, LLC.



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