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Part II (days 31-60): Making impactful changes

Week 5: Learn to build a perfect meal.

To stay fueled all day you need carbohydrates, protein and fat. Selections from each food group supply a combination of these.

Breakfast should consist of starch (grains, brown rice, corn, potatoes and oats), a fruit or vegetable, and nuts/protein or milk.

Lunch and dinner should consist of vegetables, protein, starch and a spoonful of healthy fat.

Snacks should be comprised of 2-3 food groups, such as fruit + dairy, vegetable + nuts, or starch + protein.

15 Energy Sustaining Snacks for When You’re on the Go!

TOP TIP: Time for a mid-winter warm up! Put soup on your menu because it has volume and it is filling, yet you can find or make it low-calorie. Choose one with beans or starch, veggies, and protein.  No bisques or creamy chowders.


Week 6: Cut down your portions.

Most people seeking to lose weight could stand to scale back portions by about 25%. For example, a 25% reduction from for someone who typically consumes 2,000 Calories would be to reduce that total by 500 calories per day, the amount needed to lose 1 pound per week. That means that they would now have a daily target of 1500 Calories per day.

How can I calculate the calories I eat in order to lose weight?


Regardless of your actual calorie count, here’s how you can cut down your portions…

1) Serve yourself less. Take only one helping at a time instead of filling your plate or bowl.

2) Use smaller plates, bowls and glasses. Reducing dish size really does create an optical illusion tricking us into thinking we’re eating more. Keep healthy foods like green salads in larger bowls. 3) Don’t clean your plate, but leave a few bites each time. Or better yet, keep enough for leftovers.

TOP TIP: Eat slowly. By taking small bites, chewing thoroughly and putting your fork down between bites you’ll consume less in a 20 minute period. Plus, you get the added benefit of better digestion.

Week 7: Skip the extras.

By focusing on the main components of your meal, you are getting what you need.

Avoid the bread or chips, and typical condiments or toppings that are high in fat and calories. Bacon, ranch dressing, sour cream and mayonnaise each can add about 100 calories to sandwiches and burritos.

Passing on the tortilla strips and cheese for a Southwest-style chicken salad leaves a satisfying healthy bowl of flavor to enjoy.

Purify your coffee or espresso by leaving out the cream and sugared flavorings to save you up to 250 calories per cup.

TOP TIP: Don’t eat after dinner. Immediately brush your teeth to cleanse your palate and help send signals to your body that you are done eating for the day.

Week 8: Stay hydrated.

We all know we should drink plenty of water, but how much?

For a healthy adult, you should drink in fluid ounces half the pounds you weigh. So for 180 pounds, it comes to 90 fluid ounces. That’s about 11 cups of fluid.

Keep track during the day. You should meet half your needs within 8 hours after waking, before mid-afternoon snack. Sure, ice tea, plain coffee and non-caloric drinks count, but water should be the main beverage of choice. Plus, good hydration enables your metabolism to work at its best to burn fat!

TOP TIP: Eat a dark green vegetable every day. Examples include artichoke, arugula, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, kale, spinach, ‘super greens’ concentrate, Swiss chard, and wheat grass. Here is your chance to add something to your diet!

Stay tuned for Part III (Days 61 – 90) focusing on forming habits that last.


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Debbie James is a registered dietitian. Any views or opinions presented in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions or recommendations of Fitness International, LLC.



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