Time change is this weekendMark your calendars, write yourself a note and set your reminders because this weekend it is time to “fallback” again. On Sunday, November 3, 2013 at 2 a.m. you need to adjust your clocks BACK ONE HOUR. That is unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii, in which case you can just go on your merry way since your states do not participate in Daylight Saving Time.

Every year, twice a year in fact, this one hour time change rattles our lives and internal clocks. After a week or so you will adjust, but in the meantime here are some tips and reminders to help you acclimate to the time change this fall.

The Mornings

Consider an AM run, walk or bike – It is going to be getting dark pretty early for the next 4 months. So you may want to consider switching your outdoor evening cardio to the mornings. You also may be more lethargic in the evenings since it will feel later than it really is. Exercise is a great way to energize yourself and start your day, so give it a shot and give yourself a natural morning boost!

Don’t forget your sunglasses – If you wake up bright and early, it has probably been anything but bright outside. That is about to change come Monday.

Considerations for Children – If you have children, then incrementally adjusting their wake up time over the weekend is in both of your best interests. Otherwise you might miss an hour of sleep come Monday when your child’s internal clock tells them to wake up at 5:30 a.m. because to them if will feel like 6:30 a.m.

Midday –

Get your Dose of Vitamin D – As the days become shorter and shorter it will take a little extra planning to make sure you get some sun. Midday lunch or break may be the best opportunity for many of you to get outside when there is daylight. Go for a walk, or if the climate permits, have lunch outside to help your body get a healthy dose of vitamin D. A healthy dose of sunlight is also shown to improve sleep and mood, too![i]

The Evenings

Considerations for Children – Just like you, your child may be a bit more lethargic in the evenings. Adjust their bed time in increments a few days before the time change—make bedtime 15 or 20 minutes earlier each day—to help them transition.

Get out of the Dark and Into the Gym! – Get into the club and get the most out of your LA Fitness membership and bypass nature’s elements. Lights and a climate controlled environment are your ticket to staying fit and active this fall and winter. See you in the gym!

Commuting – Remember that when you park your car in the morning to take in consideration that it may be dark out when you leave work, school and other daily obligations. Make sure to park in areas that will be well lit when you return to your car in the evening.

Don’t forget the CLOCKS!

Here a checklist for you to make sure you have all your clocks covered:

  • Car
  • Bedroom alarm clock
  • Stove
  • Refrigerator
  • DVD and or VCR
  • Wrist watch
  • Wall clocks
  • Phone (if it doesn’t automatically update)
  • Computer or laptop (Again, if it doesn’t automatically update)
  • Voicemail time stamps and answering machines
  • Guest bedrooms
  • Kid’s rooms and alarm clocks
  • HOTEL ALARM CLOCK – if you will be away for the weekend

And remember…set them BACK ONE HOUR! 😉


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