Jenn is tired of running…from getting her picture taken that is; so now she only runs as a form of cardio. Jenn Reddish, 23, is taking matters into her own hands, and she is changing the negative feelings she has about personal photographs. She admits that seeing herself in pictures upset her because she was unhappy about weighing 193 pounds. So a few months ago she hired personal trainer Armando Martinez and has LOST 30 pounds!

“I was tired of seeing pictures of me that I hated,” said Jenn.

The concerns from being “overweight” run deep for Jenn; there is more to her story than simply being upset with the way she thinks she looks. She explains that many people in her family struggle with weight issues, and that she wants to take control of this aspect of her life. One of the most powerful influences in her decision to lose weight is the fact that she witnesses the medical issues that excess weight can cause on a daily basis at her job.

Jenn is a nurse at the Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center; a career that poses some additional challenges to getting into the gym and eating healthy on a regular basis. The consistency of a daily routine is a luxury that many of us take for granted. As a nurse, Jenn’s schedule changes each week and sometimes each day; now add in working the night-shift and the challenges begin to multiply.

“Working night-shifts, three nights in a row, is not ideal for a healthy diet,” said Jenn. “But I have managed to be able to cook and pack my lunches, as often as I can, so I won’t be tempted by the unhealthy food in the cafeteria.”

Like many successful people, Jenn understands that problem solving is necessary to accomplish her goal, and maintaining a “can do” attitude is absolutely essential.

“As for time constraints, I go to the gym when I am done working my 12 hour shift (7 p.m.-7 a.m.),” said Jenn. “So needless to say, it is harder to push myself to workout after being on my feet for twelve-plus hours. That’s why having a trainer is so important to me…no slacking off, no matter how tired I am.”

Her plan is working! Jenn is now down to 163 pounds and her energy is effervescent. I didn’t meet the person she described to me—the one who shies away from the very sight of a camera—as I followed her and Armando around the club taking pictures of their training session. I met a funny and confident Jenn who has incredible endurance in her facial muscles…at least she must, because she constantly smiles.

She is committed to her goal and she works hard, but admits that it takes discipline, and that there are days when she wants to give up. The unknowns are difficult—not knowing how to lose weight, how long it will take or if you can even do it at all is overwhelming.

“I also have a fear of failing,” said Jenn. “I am trying to get that voice out of my head, but sometimes it does come back. My wonderful trainer, Armando, pushes me harder than I have ever been pushed before. He won’t let me say ‘I can’t do it’ until I have actually tried it.  Nothing is too hard, and if I want it bad enough I can do it.”

Jenn glows when she talks about what she has accomplished, and she is excited with anticipation about what lies ahead for her as she works toward her goal of losing 13 more pounds in the next two months. Jenn’s journey is sure to be a fun and exhilarating ride, so FOLLOW Jenn’s story via email or RSS to hear about her progress, her latest workouts and the battles she must overcome along the way.



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