LA Fitness member Clay back on the Golf course


“I am doing more physical activities than I have in years… and I am doing them better,” Clay said.

After undergoing hip replacement surgery this year and knee replacement surgery a year and a half ago, Clay, 65, is back in the gym, on the golf course and on the go like never before. To hear Clay say that he is golfing and working out at higher level than he has in years is remarkable.

So, REAL STORIES caught up with Clay on the golf course to see his remarkable recovery progress first-hand.

Clay was waiting with a smile on his face and ready to golf at the first hole.

“I had to relearn how to swing correctly,” Clay said. “I had been compensating for so long, even after my knee surgery, because of my bad hip. I was all upper body, but now I feel good and I am finally able to add distance to my game.”

Clay looked great. He didn’t wince or look uncomfortable; he didn’t even get stiff or fatigued after playing several holes of golf. He was hitting solid and accurately. In fact, on a par-five he chipped the ball out of a sand trap and right into the hole for a birdie. It was AMAZING!

One of most upsetting aspects of Clay’s hip complications was that he was unable to enjoy traveling.  The complications and limitations he was experiencing from his hip problem became very apparent during a trip that he took to Luxemburg when he had to limit practically everything he did because of the difficulty he had walking.

Things are back to normal for Clay, and he is jet setting once again and enjoying every minute of it.

“In April, I spent 16 days in Maui swimming, hiking, playing golf and loving my new hip,” Clay said.  Then in May I spent a week in Palm Springs playing golf, and June I went to the Sierras to do some hiking and fly fishing.”

Clay has been making up for lost time since his incredible recovery…and then some.

“In August I have a guy’s golf trip,” Clay said.  “It is a weeklong trip where we go to different golf courses and play 36 holes a day!”

But it doesn’t stop there. In early September, Clay and his wife Sharron are heading to Cabo San Lucas for some water sports, snorkeling and fishing, and then in November they are back in Maui again for two weeks.

Of course, there is that annual ski trip as well; the one that his knee complications almost kept him from last year. But that is history. Clay and friends have already booked their February 2014 trip, and he is beginning his training and conditioning early to make sure his hip, knee and entire body are ready.

“I rely on LA Fitness and my trainer, Brandon Widner, to guide me through the conditioning and strength training that gets me ready from season to season,” Clay said.

Clay has worked hard to play hard, and endured some pretty heavy physical setbacks, but not a day goes by that Clay doesn’t appreciate life and live it to the fullest.

“Life is good, and I am so blessed to have the physical ability to do the things I love,” Clay said.

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