Working through a plateau is tough; it is a trial of your patience. A setback in your progress can be even tougher, and it most certainly will test your motivation and commitment to your fitness goal. There are so many variables involved in each of your lives that it is important to be prepared for a possible setback, or at the very least prepared to work through it if it happens. In Lori’s case, she began her pursuit of living healthy during a very consistent part of her life, and she progressed steadily toward her weight loss goal as a result.

There were little blips in her life’s radar as she worked on losing weight, but nothing significant or consistent enough to throw her off-course. Lori ended up losing 70 pounds by the time summer had arrived, which was an incredible accomplishment. But a shift in her family’s once regular and predictable schedule changed drastically during the summer months, and as a result, Lori gained back some of the weight she had lost.

“With (my) vacations in the past month, it has been hard to work out much, so that hasn’t helped the situation,” said Lori. “I haven’t focused on myself, and I let life get in the way. Life didn’t change; it was how I handled it that changed. My setback was about 20 pounds (gained) when it was all said and done.”

Lori’s choice of words offers an interesting glimpse into her mind and the approach that she is taking regarding her setback. She isn’t worried or frustrated, and she understands that she is in control of her own success.

“Well, the biggest thing is that you can’t beat yourself up about any plateau or setback,” said Lori. “The weight that I put on didn’t come on in a week, a month or even a year. So it isn’t going to come off quickly; you need to just keep fighting every day.  I know that this is my life and it needs to be a full lifestyle change.”

It is a lifestyle change that has opened new doors for Lori. She plays with her kids, and runs around with them in the yard. She is active with her family and the things they do. As she put it she is “no longer on the sidelines just watching.” She is participating.

…And she is not about to let that slip away.

Even after she gained back some of the weight, Lori was able to appreciate the benefits of her healthier and fitter body. It served as a reminder of her accomplishments, and that there is so many more exciting things to experience in her future.

“I was able to walk around Mackinaw Island; up around everything,” said Lori. “I couldn’t have done that before my weight loss and training. It was the best feeling!”

Follow Lori’s story to find out what she is doing to lose the 20 pounds she gained, and reach her final goal. There are no guarantees, but Lori has already proved she knows how to lose weight. So, don’t forget to leave her a word of encouragement, or inspire her and our community with your personal story of perseverance in the comments section below.

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