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I have a question about how to introduce my daughter to a better way to eat. She is 17 but loves to eat junk food, no veggies. I think the way she eats is affecting her ability to concentrate and perform in school.

Please help.

– María G.


I’m glad you said ‘introduce’ instead of lecture, tell, instruct, etc. Teenagers seem to hardly listen to their parents, let alone experts, regarding self-care choices. Communication experts suggest giving praise for good decisions. Another approach is to discuss how food industry marketing overtly influences their food choices. Perhaps start a conversation by asking her what factors she thinks are impacting her school performance – then listen and act on those first.

Although I’ve a handful of websites* to suggest she visit (assuming she bothers to read them), most teens are influenced by their peers and social media. Sigh. Role modeling a healthy lifestyle is one of the best things you can do as a parent, letting you “teach by example.” Behaviors and choices surrounding a nutritious diet, adequate sleep and routine exercise should be a family undertaking. That includes siblings and other adults in the home too! 


  • Involve her in planning the menu, choosing recipes and creating grocery shopping lists.
  • Offer to shop for something she is willing to cook herself.
  • Keep ready-to-eat versions of fruits and vegetables readily accessible in the kitchen.
  • Limit the junk food purchased and brought into the home so it’s not available.
  • Get her active in hands-on vegetable gardening.
  • Eat together as a family.
  • Limit exposure to commercial television and don’t eat in front of the TV.

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– Debbie J., MS, RD

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