Is peanut butter a good source of protein (1 tablespoon & 1/2 banana) or just too much fat? What type of cheese has the best protein and least amount of fat? I know I need fat in my diet, but I get that from animal protein and hummus.

– Anne F.


Peanut butter is richer in fat than it is protein by two-fold! It’s comparable to other nut spreads like almond paste, cashew butter and sesame butter. Soynut butter is only slightly higher in protein and lower in fat. A typical 2 tablespoon serving of any is a “good source” of protein, providing at least 10% of a reference daily intake of 60 grams. There are certainly lower-fat proteins (eggs, cottage cheese, extra lean ham, soy sausage) though they don’t spread on a banana.

To answer your second question, cheese is a little better in its protein to fat ratio, with the best regular-fat ones being 2½:1 cottage cheese, 4:3 fresh Parmesan, 1:1 provolone and 1:1 mozzarella. Any cheese made with skim milk will have less fat and reduced and low-fat cheeses are plentiful. I’d recommend avoiding non-fat solid cheeses with their added stabilizers and sodium, not to mention their poor texture.

*nutrient values per USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Legacy Release, April 2018

– Debbie J., MS, RD

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