Hi there! So, I work full time and try to get my workouts done in the mornings. I go straight to work from LA Fitness. Do you have some suggestions on snacks that you can pack and go in those situations? I have been making a smoothie the night before and putting it in the freezer to take the next morning. Also, healthy snacks for the office after workouts. Thank you!

– Nancy C.


Besides the obvious shelf-stable choices (protein or granola bars, nuts/seeds, fruit, crackers, etc.) consider ready-to-eat canned or aseptic packed items like tuna salad, soup, or ravioli and individually portioned hummus, peanut butter and even bean salad. Lots of refrigerated protein sources are safe to eat within a couple of hours from your gym bag, such as hard-cooked eggs, lunch meat, cheese, yogurt, and milk singles. If you have access to a microwave or hot water at work, then consider instant oatmeal and lower-sodium ramen noodles.

– Debbie J., MS, RD

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