Cheats to save you time and money for the best of health. 

Frozen beverage cubes 

Fill an ice cube tray with leftover coffee, lemonade, tea or other non-carbonated drink so you can use them later to chill similar drinks without dilution for maximum energy and taste. 

DIY produce wash  

Rinsing isn’t enough to remove pesticide residue and waxes from fruits and vegetables. It’s easy to make your own wash with baking soda and water. We suggest the recipe we found here: 

Pureed vegetables 

Don’t want to chew on more rabbit food? Yep, blenderize leftover cooked veggies so the vitamin-rich puree can be used in soups, spreads, and sauces. Best if used up to a ratio of 1 part puree to 3 parts liquid/paste of similar color (red + green = brown). 

Diced crisp greens 

If you’re not into eating a pile of leaves, these savory little gems fit as garnish for everything from pasta, potatoes, and salads to soup. Tear well-dried kale leaves or dice Brussel sproutstoss in extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with salt and roast at 400 degrees F on sheet pans until crisp. Stir every few minutes and keep an eye on them so they don’t char. 

Grease & oil sopperupper  

Use the inside of used paper grocery bags laid over newspaper as underlayment for just cooked meats, cookies, and fried foods to absorb extra grease and oils. Unlined paper plates (the lightweight matte ones) also work well but aren’t eco-conscious. 

Appetite dampener 

Before you grocery shop or head to that party, eat an entire raw apple and drink a cup of water to fill you up, thereby reducing impulse buys and unintended high-calorie nibbles. 

Portion tricks 

Fool your eyes into thinking you’re getting more than you actually are by using smaller cups, bowls, and plates. When you finish these smaller containers filled with food, you’ll feel more satisfied than eating from partially full larger ones that leave you wanting more. 

Double up 

Cook once but eat twice! Plan on using leftovers for a subsequent quick meal by preparing your first meal with double the quantity. Go even bigger by tripling and freezing a third full meal portion. 

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