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Club League Atmosphere

The sound of squeaking shoes on a shiny gym floor, the swish of the net and the feel of competition, all describe the atmosphere of a LA Fitness Club Leagues championship basketball game. What’s the winning prize? The prize is to bring home the victory of the Club Leagues championship, win a championship t-shirt and build a bond with team members that will last a lifetime.

Championship Game Recap

To make it to the championship game in a competitive Club League is an accomplishment! On Thursday November 17, 2016 in Irvine, CA two teams squared off in a thrilling championship game. Both the Gold team and the Blue team played hard, but only one team came out victorious.

To start the game, the Gold team led on a high note by scoring a 3-pointer & 2 free-throws early in the game. As the first half concluded, the Blue team came back and took the lead 28 to 26.

In the second 20-minute half, the Gold team narrowed the margin with a few free-throws and took the lead 43 to 41. The competition was fierce and the score continued to go back and forth in the second half. Ultimately, the game came down to the wire, with the Blue team winning the game 60 to 58!


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LA Fitness Community & Teamwork

Both teams put in an extraordinary amount of effort to reach the last game of the season. In the end, it is not always about winning or losing, it is about developing a bond with your teammates and living a healthy lifestyle.

“One of my best experiences in Club Leagues has been meeting the cool people on my team and playing the game of basketball, teaching some about the game if they don’t know already,” said Kenny W.,  member of the Gold team.  “The team has improved in a lot of ways. Getting that team chemistry, ball movement, defense, we have just enjoyed playing together, it’s been fun.” Even though Kenny and his team didn’t walk away with the championship title, he held his head high and has been happy with his experience in Club Leagues.

Some teams spark long-lasting friendships that can ultimately lead towards a more successful team bonding experience.

“We have been playing together since the first league!” said Frank Z. of the Blue team. “About three years now, we have built relationships with everyone in the leagues, so we have all become really good friends.”

Whether your team is brand new or has been together over the years, each experience is unique, competitive and fun! “It’s always fun to compete, and I have seen a lot of the same guys throughout the years,” said Matt G of the champion Blue team. “It’s about the longevity of actually playing together and having fun with the competition.”

What’s the best part of Club Leagues? The league environment offers a new experience at the gym, you can get a workout in, make friends and set goals, not only for yourself, but for your team as well. You aren’t alone in it! “Overall, the refs are great, it’s good clean basketball. It’s a good hour we get to spend together,” stated Frank Z. of the champion Blue team.

Joining a League

Club Leagues offers an enjoyable way to get involved with the LA Fitness community and experience a fun and healthy workout.  In Club Leagues basketball, there are two 20 minute halves; making the game fast paced and competitive.



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