Commit to Fit Overview

The LA Fitness Living Healthy blog has a new feel and look to it these days, and while you continue to explore the site, you may run into a section called “Commit to Fit.” What is Commit to Fit and how does it pertain to you? Commit to Fit is a place where people, just like yourself, can submit their fitness goals and show commitment to them by writing or typing their goals out.

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Written Goals

Did you know? Those with written goals tend to achieve more goals than individuals who do not write down their goals! We want to see you succeed in your fitness journey. Try taking that first step and write your goal down or type it out.*

There are no limits on what your fitness goals may be, check out some examples below:

  • “I commit to doing an ab workout every day for the next month.”
  • “I want to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle.”
  • “I commit to working out at least 2 times a week.”
  • “I want to lose 10 pounds.”

The list could go on and on and we want to help you stay committed to these goals! Ready to get started? Submit your fitness goal today to help stay accountable and for a chance to be featured on Living Healthy. All you need to do is enter your name & fitness goal, when you want to achieve your goal, and your home LA Fitness. From there, continue working hard towards your goal.

As you reach your goals, let us know! Feel free to check in with our community & share your fitness success along the way. Good luck and continue to make fitness your lifestyle!

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*Dominican. Study focuses on strategies for achieving goals, resolutions — Dominican university of California. Retrieved December 2, 2016, from




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