Footsteps Leading to Success

After taking just one footstep in the gym door, Kimberly K. knew she was taking a step towards a life change. Kimberly, an active LA Fitness member, was born and raised in Florida and has recently reflected on the last year of her life, realizing how much her lifestyle has changed.

Stepping Forward

What caused this lifestyle change? Kimberly’s motivation, dedication and her commitment to going to LA Fitness. “What triggered my interest in LA Fitness was the pool,” said Kimberly. “I love swimming, so when I first joined I figured I would just swim and do some cardio.” With her passion for swimming, she decided to take those first steps into the doors of LA Fitness in June 2015, little did she know she would fall in love with the place and keep coming back for more.

Walking into a gym can be intimidating… racks full of weights, lines of cardio machines and other members walking around doing their scheduled workouts. Where do you head to first? Kimberly said she wasn’t sure where to start, and felt a little hesitant when she walked in to her local LA Fitness in Florida.

Warm Welcome

Greeted by a kind face, Kimberly decided to start her first initial fitness assessment, get her schedule sorted out and eventually start going to personal training regularly. Who is her trainer? His name is Alex and according to Kimberly, he has made a significant impact on her fitness journey.

Alex, a passionate master trainer says, “She is very motivated and has gained a lot of endurance! Kimberly has improved her quality of life, inside and outside of the gym. She has more energy and has become more active as a result. It is not only my job to motivate my clients in the gym, but to give them motivation outside as well. We can CHANGE LIFE HERE!”

Pro Results® Personal training helps Kimberly stay on track with her workout schedule. “Having someone go through this with me and make sure I am doing things the right way and pushing me, makes me work even harder,” said Kimberly.

Kimberly & her trainer Alex getting ready for a workout at LA Fitness!

Overcoming Obstacles

With her work outs in full speed, Kimberly started to see changes in other aspects of her life. “I have severe asthma and my breathing has been one of the biggest obstacles I have overcame since I started working out,” stated Kimberly. Alex works diligently with her to make sure she can breathe correctly while she works out. Now Kimberly feels that she can breathe better than before!

Along with asthma, Kimberly was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about six years ago, but being physically active and changing her diet has helped tremendously. “I have gone from being a diabetic to a pre-diabetic,” said Kimberly. To accomplish such a healthy lifestyle, one that changed her diabetic stage, really shows her dedication towards an overall life change.

With all of these lifestyle changes and commitments, Kimberly looks back on who has really supported and encouraged her throughout this journey: herself. “I have a few friends who have been supportive, but this has really been all on my own,” said Kimberly. “It’s a lifestyle change.”

Renewing Passions

With her sound body and mind, Kimberly is learning new things about herself and her new lifestyle has even improved some things she participates in outside of the gym. She dedicates her free time to a hobby she loves, horseback riding. Not only does she ride horses, she helps teach disabled children how to ride them as well.

Since she has changed physically she essentially learned how to re-ride a horse. “When I ride, I can tell my center of balance is different,” said Kimberly. “Even my horse is trying to adjust! It’s a challenge, but I love challenges.”

Horseback riding and personal training have been Kimberly’s outlets. If she has a stressful day at her job, then that can all be released when she steps inside those doors at LA Fitness. “When I am around a horse, it’s just like everything goes away,” she said. “It’s the same with the gym, I have two different outlets for my stress and anxiety.”

What’s the Next Step?

The environment of the club has helped her overall mindset as well, “I have people even come up and cheer me on while I am working out!” While having the accountability of a trainer, constant encouragement and a healthy mindset, Kimberly feels like this is a permanent life change for her. Since her journey started, Kimberly has bumped up her personal training schedule and is in the gym almost every day of the week!

Kimberly’s overall goals are: 1. Remain within this lifestyle, 2. Get to her ideal weight, and 3. Get stronger to lift heavier weights.

We are so proud of Kimberly’s journey and very thankful that she decided to take that first step into the door of LA Fitness in her local town. If you have any questions on how you can get started in Personal Training please click here.

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