Finding new ways to keep your workouts fun and exciting is an excellent way to stay focused in the gym and committed to your fitness goals. However, generating that excitement is often easier said than done. Luckily, we’ve got just the thing to help you animate your workouts with this slump-busting, fast-paced Total Body GIF Workout!

GIFs have been a recent craze across the internet and social media over the past couple years! They are fun, engaging and an excellent way to provide specific instructions, which makes them both an efficient and entertaining way to follow a workout.

The Total Body GIF Workout embodies the characteristics of a GIF because it is fun, fast-paced, and straight to the point. Additionally, it will help you train every muscle group, burn serious calories and build lean muscle to help you obtain a lean and defined look!

You can use this workout in two ways: 1) as a stand-alone workout that you perform 2 to 5 times per week, depending on your fitness level; or 2) as a substitute for your regular workout routine on days that you need that extra oomph!

Squat Jump

Primary Muscle Group Trained: Legs
Time: 30 to 60 seconds
Sets: 1 to 3


Medicine Ball Chest Press

Primary Muscle Group Trained: Chest
Time: 30 to 60 seconds
Sets: 1 to 3

Med Ball Exercises-v2

Lat Pulldown

Primary Muscle Group Trained: Back
Reps: 12 to 15
Sets: 1 to 3


Cable Kickbacks

Primary Muscle Group Trained: Triceps
Reps: 12 to 15
Sets: 1 to 3


Plank with Alternating Front Raises

Primary Muscle Groups Trained: Shoulders & Abs/Core
Reps: 12 to 15 (each side)
Sets: 1 to 3


Plank with Alternating Knee Tucks

Primary Muscle Groups Trained: Abs/Core
Time: 30 to 60 seconds
Sets: 1 to 3


Barbell Curl

Primary Muscle Groups Trained: Biceps
Reps: 12 to 15
Sets: 1 to 3



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