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I’m at 8.7 body fat and most my fat is on my stomach and face. If I stopped drinking soda would that make a big change in those two areas? I drink 2-3 sodas a day. – Chris G.



Hi Chris. It’s unclear how your body fat deposition would respond to your proposed change. But why not try? Your body fat percentage is already great, below 10%. If you want proof positive of the effect, take photos and waist measurements before and after 8 weeks without changing the rest of your diet or exercise.

If you could replace soda with plain water, you’d be doing your body a huge favor, omitting 60-100 grams of sugar daily! The calories you save would provide room for a nutritious glass of milk or juice or perhaps a few extra servings of vegetables. In fact, one can of vegetable juice packs 170% the daily value of Vitamin C, 60% of Vitamin A, and 4% each of Calcium and Iron for only half the calories and ¼ the sugar of soda.

If I stopped drinking regular soda and started drinking diet soda would it help me lose weight?

If you find yourself craving caffeine, try iced tea and a squeeze of lemon. If you miss the effervescence, try sparkling water. Some people just want a COLD beverage or ice to chew. Whatever the reason, your soda habit can be overcome.

– Debbie J., MS, RD

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