Vegetables, baby…Vegetables! Get ready to rock that swimsuit!

Weeks 5 & 6…

This is a continuation of our series, so if you haven’t been following us over the past four weeks, then make sure you start from the beginning with this article:

2 Months to Summer Swimsuit Season Diet and Nutrition Tips


Once again, it is time to reevaluate your progress and commitment to date, and give you some additional tips to help you get results for another two weeks.


NO ALCOHOL – For those of you on track, you should be completely avoiding alcohol at this point. If not, it’s time to lose those empty calories for the sake of your health AND your belly.

TOP TIP – Drinking iced tea, seltzer or carbonated water with slice of citrus in a fun glass can liven-up your beverage at a party or event without the added empty calories of a libation!

NO Added Sugar – Look for any hidden sugars where they don’t belong – with meats, nuts, spreads, dressings and dips.

TOP TIP – Remedy sweetened items by diluting. You can do this by mixing in some more ingredients or draining/rinsing off coatings. For example, drain and rinse pulled pork, but serve with shredded cabbage + carrots for moisture; shake ‘honey’ powder-coated nuts roughly in a shaker fitted with an agitator; mix a sweetened dressing with a 50% oil/apple cider vinegar combination plus onion powder.

DECREASE sodium intake to under 2300 mg per day – Time to remove the table salt and cooking salt.

TOP TIP – No salt, doesn’t mean your food has to be bland. Replace with sodium-free spices, herbs, and salt substitutes. Switch condiments to the lowest sodium versions you can find.

INCREASE water intake – It’s time to hydrate!

TOP TIP – Consider an hourly reminder on your smartphone or watch setting to remind you to drink 6 fl. oz. water each time. In 16 hours of wake time, that’s 96 fl. oz.!

INCREASE vegetable consumption

Double up on vegetables whenever you eat them – it’s the easiest way to get more in, since they’re already a part of that meal/snack.

TOP TIP – Prepare extra or order an additional side of plain steamed or raw veggies.

TRACK your calories – Look over your last few weeks’ records and totals to see where you can make changes.

TOP TIP – Consider using a few of your ‘good’ days as scripted menus to follow now.

WEIGH or MEASURE food for ultimate accuracyA food scale can be your best friend when it comes to accuracy and weight loss.

Use a food scale to weigh cooked meats, scrambled eggs, casseroles and mixed dishes such as pizza. Be sure to zero the scale with a lightweight plate before adding the food item.

TOP TIP – Re-weigh your food if you don’t finish a meal so you know how much you actually consumed.


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