get abs this year as your 2015 new year resolution

We receive more questions about how to tighten, tone, define and refine this body part your bodies more than any other. So, if it’s shredded abs you want for 2015, then check this out, and then head to the gym!

Here is a combo of ab defining exercises that will give you a complete core workout. From those tough to tackle lower abdominals, up through your “six-pack” slab and even tightening up the oblique muscles on your sides.

Opposite Cross –This exercise integrates your full range of core muscles; effectively working your obliques with the crossing motion it incorporates. You can speed these up and break a calorie burning sweat once you perfect the technique!

Starfish – Do this one slow and controlled; one side at a time. You are elevating your opposite arm and leg, pausing at the top for 2 or 3 seconds, and don’t let your arm and leg touch the ground until you are finished with the set.

Bicycles – Tried and true, this one is a favorite. Why? Because it works your entire core so well, much like the Opposite Cross, it integrates your muscles through multiple planes of motion.


Reverse Crunch with Stability Ball – Getting on the ball and balancing is half the battle, which is why this exercise really makes you control your body with your core stabilizers. The crunching motion adds the finishing touch to define your major stomach muscles, aka your rectus abdominis.

Stability Ball PopsSmall range of motion, big results and burn. You will feel this tightening up your abs as you do it. Be sure to keep your head in the same position during the entire exercise—don’t extend your neck or stick your chin out as you get tired—and remember that these are little pops, if you feel it in your abs, its working!

Single Foot Crossover / Advanced w/Bosu – Dial in your obliques, stability and core with this crossover motion. Make sure you turn through your body using your abs and without bringing your elbow in. You’ll notice that you don’t even need to touch your knee with your elbow. Once you are ready, advance the exercise by adding the challenge of instability with a Bosu.


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