spring forward time change 2014This weekend we get our first glimpse of light on the path to spring and summer (pun completely intended). After one of the harshest winters in North American history, this weekend’s “Spring Forward” is a reminder that the shroud of darkness and cold that comes with winter is just about over.

Some areas saw record-breaking low temperatures, others saw piles of snow and ice, and the most unfortunate saw both. Such conditions made this year’s campaign to #MoveMoreBurnMore pretty tough for many of you, but rest assured, it’s almost over.

Well, actually you are going to get a bit less rest come Sunday morning at 2 a.m. on March 9, 2014, because most of us are going to be setting our clocks FORWARD one hour. The benefits of gaining an hour of daylight, however, are worth losing a little sleep over. For those of you who live in Arizona, Pacific Time welcomes you back from your winter holiday in Mountain Time. For those in Hawaii, well, just go on living your life in a tropical paradise, and like your near perfect temperature that never really changes, your clocks need no adjusting either.

REMINDER: This Sunday morning, 3/9/14, at 2 a.m.—some of you may consider this to be Saturday night—the time changes, “SPRINGING FORWARD” one hour. So make sure to adjust your clocks and alarms accordingly.  (Excluding AZ and HI)

This year, instead of just the helpful tips, I want to point out all the wonderful things that you have to look forward to with our extra hour of daylight and soon to be warmer weather.

Barbecues – Yay! Possibly the most enjoyable way to cook healthy food.

Evening walks – There is something so relaxing about being able to take a walk outside in the evening air.

Daylight Work and School Commutes – It no longer will feel like you are driving home in the middle of the night for many of you.

Sunsets – Now that the sun sets later, you can enjoy watching the sky turn into mesmerizing shades of oranges, pinks and purples.

Sports – Pull out your cleats, bats, balls and rackets. The fun of playing sports outdoors is just about here.

All this being said, it is important to mention that summer time is closer than you may think, too. There is just four months left to get ready for the 2014 Bikini and Swimsuit season. So you may want to consider starting the 90 Day Weight Loss Workout Plan today!

The 90 Day Weight Loss Workout Plan – #MoveMoreBurnMore

Here are some additional helpful reminders for this year’s Daylight Saving Time change on March 9, 2014:

Don’t forget to set these clocks:

  • Car
  • Bedroom alarm clock
  • Stove
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • DVD and or VCR
  • Wrist watch (all of them if you have more than one)
  • Wall clocks
  • Phone (if it doesn’t automatically update)
  • Computer or laptop (Again, if it doesn’t automatically update)
  • Voicemail time stamps and answering machines
  • Guest bedrooms
  • Kid’s rooms and alarm clocks
  • HOTEL ALARM CLOCK – if you will be away for the weekend

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