Bicep Machine 2 - c - LA fitness weight Machines 101 - Cold steelIf you want your arms to look their best, then you are probably already aware of the need to work out your biceps. In fact, if you ask someone to simply “make a muscle” there is a good chance that they will strike the “where’s the beach?” bicep pose…It’s pretty much the quintessential muscle when it comes to flexing.

Your biceps also provide a valuable functional role for everyday activities on top of their aesthetic appeal. Any time you pick something up, such as a grocery bag, or pull something towards your body while bending at your elbow, you are using your biceps to perform the movement. Working out and strengthening your biceps can help you complete such activities more easily, and at the same time, help sculpt your arms.

So get ready to make life a little easier and rip those sleeves off as Weight Machines 101 helps you identify some incredible machines for your biceps.

Tips for Biceps exercises:

  1. Biceps curl exercises are performed by moving your hands and forearms toward your body as you bend at your elbows.
  2. Do NOT sway, swing or use your back to help you finish or complete a rep.
  3. Do NOT move your upper arms at your shoulder joint. Your shoulders and upper arms should remained locked in the same position during the entire exercise.
  4. Keep your wrist straight as you perform a biceps curl. There can be a tendency to let your wrist bend back due to the resistance while performing the exercise. If you cannot control the weight, or keep your wrists from bending, then lower the weight or resistance you are using.
  5. Control the weight as you let it down away from your body in order to safely work the muscle group through the complete range of the exercise. This motion is called the negative or eccentric motion and it is NOT a time for you to relax.
  6. Flex and tighten your core and ab muscles during this exercise while maintaining proper posture.

Biceps Machine 1 –

Biceps Machine 2 –

Biceps Machine 3 –

Biceps Machine 4 –

Remember, each machine has a placard or sign on it that gives you a description of how to use the equipment and which muscle groups they work. Always read the placards if you are uncertain how to use a machine before using it.

IMPORTANT: If you are not sure how heavy the weight should be for your strength level and fitness goal, start with the lightest weight setting. Perform 2 or 3 reps and then make incremental increases until you find the appropriate weight that is right for you and your fitness goal.

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