The year is wrapping up, and in its wake, it leaves behind some remarkable and inspiring stories of fitness and weight loss. There are so many of you who have accomplished great feats of your own this year, and REAL STORIES was able to follow the journey and share 15 diverse stories of LA Fitness members.

Check out the REAL STORIES year in review below for another chance to be inspired. If you feel like 2014 is the year that you are going to accomplish amazing things with your personal health and fitness goals, you’re an LA Fitness member and you want to share your journey with world…Let us know! Email us at We are always looking for new and diverse stories to share with our readers.

The 15 REAL STORIES of 2013:

1)      Chrissy – One of our longest ongoing stories is Chrissy’s REAL STORY. Her story began with a journey to get back in shape after her pregnancy. After a dirt-bike accident at the end of 2012, however, Chrissy found herself on a new path. In 2013 Chrissy found herself on the road to recovery. Check out her REAL STORY of determination here:

2)      Karrie – She lost 90 pounds and decided that she would embark on a journey to do something she never thought possible…run a marathon! See if she crosses the finish line in 2014, but in the meantime follow her REAL STORY from the very beginning. Click the link below to read Karrie’s REAL STORY.

3)      Alvaro – REAL STORIES gets an exclusive interview with number three world ranked professional racquetball player, Alvaro Beltran. Alvaro talks about health, fitness, conditioning and why he uses LA Fitness as his home court to practice and train for competition.

4)      Shannon – Her weight loss journey is all about staying the course for the long haul and it worked. Shannon lost over 100 pounds and she continues working hard today. Look for an update to her uplifting story in 2014.

5)      Joey – Her whole outlook on life has changed as a result of what she has accomplished with health and fitness. Joey is hooked on the lifestyle and credits much of her success and love for working out to LA Fitness group fitness classes and running.

6)      Bill – The title says it all…Bill’s story is 93 years-old and 100 percent pure inspiration. Take a minute and a half out of your day to watch this video segment; you will be happy you did.

7)      Denita – We began Denita’s story following her as an Atlanta Falcon’s cheerleader in 2012 and closed out with her finale as a competitor at the Arnold Classic fitness competition in 2013. She is constantly doing something interesting, so be on the lookout for more from her in the future.

8)      Clay – His journey was the first ever REAL STORIES published when LIVING HEALTHY first launched in 2012 and he is still as active as ever. Nothing can keep Clay from being healthy and active, and if you don’t believe it, see it here in his 2013 REAL STORIES update.

9)      James – Law enforcement, fitness and a great smile. James’ REAL STORY is relatively new and there is more to come from him in 2014. He offers an inside look at how fitness effects and helps someone in law enforcement both mentally and physically.

10)   Joe – We have all heard about how losing weight and being active can improve your health; particularly when it comes to type 2 diabetes. Joe is living proof. Check out his video story to see what he did and how he did it.

11)   Harry – Do you avoid the gym because you have never worked out and don’t know what to do? Well, it’s never too late to learn. Just ask Harry. He never even worked out until he was 57 years-old, and guess what? It changed his life!

12)   Mary – Mary’s story is a true transformation. She feels younger, she’s more active and people aren’t even recognizing her anymore. If you haven’t already read her REAL STORY, Check out her incredible journey of weight loss and life.

13)   Kira – A very emotional story, but amazing and compelling at the same time. Sit-back, bring a tissue and watch Kira’s video segment of REAL STORIES. It’s a heartfelt and uplifting story about a truly wonderful mother.

14)   Scott – Who trains the Navy SEALS how to survive? Scott Brewer does, and as you can imagine his life is incredibly interesting. Look for more amazing REAL STORIES from Scott next year.

15)   Beth – A nontraditional path to college athletics, but that is Beth in a nutshell. She is charismatic and dedicated to everything she puts her mind to, she finds her own path…and then she is off and running. Both literally and metaphorically being that she is on the Palomar College cross-country team. Learn more about her, college athletics and how she stays in fantastic shape in 2014.

Have a safe, fit and fun New Year! And keep LIVING HEALTHY in 2014…

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