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I have just changed my schedule at work to grave yard for the next 6 months. So, far I have lost 30 lbs. and want to keep going, but I feel this schedule will be a challenge. I want to snack all day and eat meals while I am on my shift, which ends up being a lot of food, and I am worried that I am going to gain the weight back. How can I regulate my eating pattern? When should I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner? Should I snack when I’m trying to fight sleep at work? -Roxanne



Night shift or not, you shouldn’t eat to fight sleep. Having counseled night shift / graveyard workers in several industries (hospitality, casino and truck drivers), I find that you should adjust your meal timing and volume to your new work/sleep schedule. Have your breakfast when you wake-up, eat your largest meal midway through your waking hours and another meal toward the end of your waking day. Avoid caffeine when you start to fade—a carbonated drink might do the trick.- Debbie J., MS, RD

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