question-answer-color-v-2If I stopped drinking regular soda and started drinking diet soda would it help me lose weight? – Larry



The old theory was that if you substituted a can of regular soda daily with a diet/sugar-free one, you’d lose about 15 pounds a year based on how many fewer calories you would be consuming. The reality has been that even when you switch to diet/sugar-free soda, your appetite generally adjusts; this causes your caloric intake to compensate for the reduction in energy. So if you’re drinking 12 fluid ounces of regular soda or less a day, then switching to diet/sugar-free soda may not help. If your soda consumption is more like an XL value size or 2 liters daily, then I’d say a switch to diet soda and…a serious look at your dietary habits are in order. – Debbie J., MS, RD

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