As the competition draws near, Denita’s preparation with her diet and training becomes even more intense.  In order for her to maximize the appearance of her muscle definition she has to lean-out and decrease her body fat percentage. To do this, Denita has to increase her cardio workouts and drastically reduce her carbohydrate intake two weeks before the day of the event. It is a process that is tough on her body, but a necessary part of competing in physique competitions. It something she only does for two weeks, but if you ask Denita it feels more like two months.

“I have not quite mastered not whining through the last two weeks of dieting for a competition (laughs),” Denita said. “It’s a love/hate relationship for me. I love the results, but the last week or so on low-carbs and double cardio will make anyone crazy!”

That being said, it is important to mention that an intense two weeks of cutting carbs and cardio work is not something that your average gym goer should attempt. It is incredibly hard on your body, and Denita admits that it depleted her energy considerably.

Maintaining her energy and finding time for her training and food preparation is a constant struggle; particularly when you consider the fact that Denita has a fulltime career that consumes most of her time during the week. Sometimes she even runs into unexpected temptations that attempt to thwart her efforts.

“It’s brutal when my coworkers load the office with snacks, and when our business partners pop in with goodies when you least expect it,” Denita said.

But there is no way Denita is going to set herself back after all of the hard work and progress she has made. She is thrilled with the results she has obtained in her glutes and legs; the areas of her body that Denita considers her most difficult to get the definition she desires.

“I concentrate on my lower body because it is the indicator of my hard work.  If I’m off it shows immediately in my glutes,” Denita said. “The Arnold is a big show, so I know I will have to be 100 percent on with my presentation and posing. There are 45 girls in my class alone! YIKES! But I’ve made big changes in my legs which I’m proud of.”


Another key point that Denita makes in regards to her training is the importance of resting and recovery. She understands that sleep is vital to allow her body the time it needs to recover after a hard day at work and a challenging day in the gym.

“I’m busy with hair and nail appointments, packing, getting ahead at work, but most importantly I need to REST and RECOVER,” Denita said.

In spite of all the time and energy that preparing for her competition at the Arnold Sports Festival requires, Denita maintains an easy-going attitude, and most importantly…she has fun with the process. She never forgets that this is something she does because it is her passion.

Denita has learned a lot about herself, her body and fitness during her journey to compete at the Arnold Sports festival. So come back next time when we follow Denita on the day of her competition, and see results of her hard work.

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