Denita flexes at LA Fitness-2Throughout the NFL football season, while working a full-time job and being an Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders , Denita has also been training for and competing in regional physique competitions in order to qualify for national events.  When you look at her daily and weekly schedule you might think that Denita has found a secret portal to the 36 hour day, but since that is obviously not the case it begs the question “how exactly does she do so much in a single day?”

Denita is determined, she is disciplined…she is a competitor!  It is the spirit of competition and the thrill of accomplishment that motivates her, and though finding time is difficult, Denita makes it happen.

“This has been my most challenging year with fitness, work and cheerleading because it requires a lot more discipline and planning on my part.  All of my (physique competition) shows were held during the football season with the Falcons,” said Denita.

Every day offers insight for Denita; insight that helps her with planning out each day, week and month. It is this meticulous structure and planning that allows her to take on so much.

“I am learning to implement the competitions into my life so that it enhances my life, not hinder it. Competing takes a lot of hard work, and the last thing I wanted was for other areas in my life to suffer because of it,” said Denita. “This year has taught me a lot about structure, control and most importantly discipline. I have to be careful about so many things like: when I eat, packing all of my food for the day, making sure I stretch after a tough workout, and having energy on the Falcons’ game days.”

With only 5 weeks left until the national competition, and her cheerleading season over, Denita’s training is in full-force. She is in the gym 6 days a week doing cardio, and doing heavy resistance training four of those days. Like all of you, Denita has areas that pose more problems than others when it comes to leaning out and getting muscle definition.

“I’m lifting heavy and targeting my legs and glutes, which are my most difficult areas,” said Denita.

And of course, what she eats and how she eats is paramount.

“My diet is extremely structured,” said Denita. “I am cooking my meals ahead of time and trying to avoid any outside distractions.  I eat 5-6 times a day, with my diet changing slightly on my lifting days.  My protein is lean (chicken, egg whites, fish, shrimp and protein powder) and my carbs are always in the earlier part of the day, or pre-workout on my training days.  The carbs I eat include brown rice, sweet potatoes and oats.  It is extremely important for me to stay on top of this.  It’s crunch time!”

To learn more about her workouts, diet and what it takes to compete at the highest level of fitness and physique competitions follow Denita’s story and find out how she does at the national event!

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