Happy New Year from Living Healthy and REAL STORIESAs you get ready to take on the New Year, and some new fitness goals, we wanted to recap the stories of REAL people and REAL members like you that we followed during the past year in the segment we call REAL STORIES. There were a variety of different people with different goals; from losing weight to strengthening a reconstructed knee in order to ski again. There is a story that can inspire just about anyone. If you are looking for some inspiration, motivation and helpful tips, then look no further, and check out our 10 REAL STORIES of 2012.

Altanta Falcons Cheerleader and LA Fitness member Denita-410. Denita – Game Day in the Life with an Atlanta Falcons CheerleaderWe followed Denita during one of the biggest games of the year for the Atlanta Falcons, and her story has just begun! Once the football season is over we will follow her as she trains to compete in bikini fitness competitions. Add us to your RSS feed so you don’t miss a thing!

Joey is happy with her weigh in at LA Fitness9. Joey – How Joey Lost 11 Inches in Her Waist! – With a combination of group fitness classes, personal training, patience and perseverance Joey accomplished amazing results. Read more to find out how she did it. She proves that patience and steady progress are the keys to success.


crystal with tackling dummies - 28. Crystal – How Crystal Fought Cancer and Now Lives a Life of ‘Cheer’– Crystal’s story is truly moving. She battled leukemia as a child and beat it. Now she is an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader, and credits her struggles with cancer as being her source for appreciating everything that life has to offer. She even shaved her head in support of Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano who has been battling leukemia this year. “Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader Shaves Her Head to Help Fight Cancer

LA Fitness Blog-Chrissy7. Chrissy – How Chrissy is Losing Weight After Pregnancy – To say that 2012 was a wild ride for Chrissy is an understatement. In fact, her wildest ride came at the end of the year while she was out dirt biking over Thanksgiving weekend. Chrissy crashed her dirt bike, breaking her leg and requiring reconstructive surgery. Now she is “Dealing with a Major Setback” to accomplishing her fitness goal. Follow Chrissy as we update you on her road to recovery, and see what it takes for her to get back into the gym.


Lori-in-Mackinaw-Island-26. Lori –LA Fitness Pops Up in Allen Park, Lori’s Weight Goes Down – Find out how Lori lost 70 pounds! She has a long-term goal, and we will be checking in with Lori in 2013 to see how she is doing. Read her story and lend her a word of encouragement in the comments section.


Nicole and Peeta leave the indoor dog park in Portland's Pearl District5. Nicole Hypothyroidism and Type 1 Diabetes Cannot Stop Nicole from Accomplishing…Anything! – Talk about overcoming adversity! Nicole lost weight and reached her fitness goal despite her struggles with type-1 diabetes and hypothyroidism. She is a true inspiration, and her story is certain to give you hope that you can reach your fitness goals no matter how tough they may seem.


LAFitness-Members-Katie-and-Justin-Before-and-Now4. Katie and Justin – Real Results – Katie and Justin Before…Now…the Future! – What happens when you catalyze serendipity with the power of a lucky penny? Two amazing people meet by chance at a wedding. It’s the kind of story that makes you realize the world isn’t that big after all and it affirms your hope that things happen for a reason. Read this heart-warming weight loss story today!

Sandy and Anna Flex3. Sandy – Sandy’s Triumph – Love and Weight LossSandy’s story is complete with a high-definition video that recaps her trials and triumphs. Find out what it took for Sandy to finally reach her weight loss goal and how she did it.

Jenn Gets ready to PASS THE BALL2. Jenn – Yay a Camera! Jenn Shares her Story of Losing 45 PoundsBefore reaching her goal, Jenn hated having her picture taken. But with the help of her personal trainer, she was able to reach her goal and her fear of being in photos faded with every pound that she lost.


Clay and Sharon celebrate at dinner1. Clay – Major Surgery and a Dream to Ski: Clay’s Story Will Inspire You – Clay was our first ever REAL STORY and this was very first article ever published on LIVING HEALTHY. Find out if he ever made it back on the slopes, and we will update you about his progress in a couple of weeks when LIVING HEALTHY celebrates its one year anniversary and catches up with CLAY.

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