the LA Fitness Resolution RailroadNew Year’s Eve is an amazing night that signifies your ticket to get on board the resolution railroad. As the ball drops in the Big Apple people feel a rush of optimism and opportunity about the year to come, a fresh start and a chance to better themselves. If you really want to make the most of 2013, stick to your resolution, don’t get off at the first stop and…

Keep chugging along…

Living a healthy lifestyle is about steadily developing yourself each and every day. Establish realistic goals that you’re confident you can stick with and you’ll be more likely to keep yourself from derailing. Once you reach your first fitness destination, you’re likely to continue making healthy lifestyle decisions long after the excitement of the New Year has fizzled-out like a forgotten bottle of champagne.

Here are some motivating REAL STORIES with real people to help you keep chugging along:

1.      Nicole had to overcome the adversity of type 1 diabetes and hypothyroidism to achieve her weight loss and fitness goals. Read more here:

2.      Jen had to make significant adjustments working crazy overtime hours as a nurse, and yet she still managed to make the adjustments needed to live a healthy lifestyle and reach her goals. Read more here:

3.      Joey set out to lose 93 pounds, and she only has 8 pounds to go. Read more here:

Enjoy the ride…

Good news! Reaching your fitness goals doesn’t have to be a pain in the caboose this year…You just have to make reaching your resolution a fun and enjoyable experience by incorporating the things you enjoy into your routine. Luckily, there are a wide-variety of ways you can make your ride on the resolution railroad an enjoyable one.

Try these suggestions:

1.      Amp up your playlist – Music doesn’t just make your workouts more entertaining and enjoyable it can also help increase your exercise performance[i]. Download some up-beat tunes so you can jam out while you work out.

2.      Try a group fitness class – Introduce a dose of energy and excitement into your routine with one of the many group fitness classes LA Fitness has to offer. Group fitness classes create a feeling of camaraderie. Gain support and motivate others with power in numbers.

3.      Bring a book (or tablet) – Books are nice to have while you’re in between sets strength training or to keep you interested while you’re performing aerobic exercises on your favorite cardio machine. Bring your favorite novel along with you to help turn the page on bad habits and stay motivated.

4.      Share your experiences – How do you make your workouts enjoyable?Leave a comment in the section below with fun ideas for our online community.

Map your route and lay your tracks…

Reaching your goals is a whole lot easier when you create a map and establish simple guidelines to help you stay on track. Map out how you are going to reach your goals as if you were traveling out of town for a holiday vacation. This map will serve as your fitness GPS so you know how close you are to your goals and what you need to do each day to reach them. If you need help drawing a map use our Top Tips section to help you navigate.

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