It appears that Justin wants to make sure he retains Katie as his permanent workout partner. So he decided to see if Katie would accept a certain proposal that he had to offer. That’s right! Justin and Katie are getting hitched. They met by chance at a wedding… and now they are planning a wedding of their own. It appears that lucky penny Justin found on the day that he and Katie met is still as lucky as ever.

REAL STORIES followed Justin and Katie as they worked hard to lose weight and run their very first half-marathon. No matter how hard their workouts became, or how far they had to run, Justin and Katie smiled the entire time, and they reached their goals as they crossed the finish line of their first half-marathon. Their story is a real-life fairy tale of two people who found each other by chance and since that day have made each other happier and healthier.

But I’m sure the burning question you have is, “So, how did Justin propose?”

“I didn’t know he was going to do it, it was a complete surprise!” said Katie. “He took me on a hike to Mount Pilchuck, which was one of our favorite places that we had gone to and hiked before.  I kept asking if we should invite people to go, but he said ‘no’ because he was going out-of-town and he thought it would be nice to be just the two of us.  His plan was to propose at the top, but to our surprise, about maybe a third of the way up the mountain, it was completely covered in snow!  We stopped before it got too slippery, and we decided to have lunch on a rock. It was really cool because the rock was dry but there was snow all around it, and I love snow! We had lunch, and then he started talking about how great all this has been, and how he loves the adventures we go on. Justin used to only like to walk if he had a purpose or place to be, but he started doing walks and hikes with me and now he really enjoys them. I was thinking ‘wow he is being random and where is all this coming from.’ Then he went over to his bag, but I didn’t think anything of it. He pulled out the ring and said ‘I want to have these adventures with you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?’ I, of course, said yes, but apparently I said ‘are you serious’ first (laughs).”

Their engagement marks the beginning of a new life for them and a new set of goals, but time is at a new premium for Justin and Katie as they prepare for their wedding. They live in Seattle—where they just bought a new house—but their wedding will take place over a thousand miles away, in Iowa, because their families live in the Midwest. This creates some additional, and time-consuming, logistics for Justin and Katie to deal with. A new house and planning a wedding combined with their already busy schedules has put a strain on their ability to maintain their workouts and a healthy diet.

Like most brides, Katie wants to look her best on her wedding day. So she is trying to adjust to the recent changes in order to reach her wedding day fitness goals.

“I want to lose 50 pounds before the wedding,” said Katie. “I am not too concerned about the number, more so I just want to look and feel good and I want my arms to look toned. I haven’t been good lately (with her workouts and diet). It has been hard moving into a new house and planning a wedding…And kind of stressful, but we are getting back on track because we have a wedding to look good for.”

Their wedding will take place next fall, which gives Katie a good amount of time to reach her wedding day goal. If there is one thing we have learned, it is that this dynamic duo can accomplish anything together. So, we are excited to follow Katie’s progress and share with you what it takes for her to accomplish her wedding day fitness goal.

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