You did it! You made it to the third and final part of this series, so it seems only fitting that you jump up-and-down to celebrate. JUMPING up-and-down  is not only a great way to celebrate, it is an excellent way to burn calories and work your butt and legs!

Part 3 – JUMP

Try these JUMPS…

Squat Jumps – Start in a crouched position with your fingertips touching the ground next to your feet. Keep good posture the entire time with your shoulders back and your back straight. Jump up as high as you can reaching your arms straight up toward the sky—or ceiling—and land in a controlled manner right back into the crouching position, then immediately jump again. Your fitness level will dictate how many SQUAT JUMPS you can do. Give it your best effort and try to do four sets of between 8 to 20 jumps in row. You can also try doing as many as you can for a designated amount of time 20 or 30 seconds.

Or…try adding more movements and working more muscles by doing SQUAT THRUSTS.

Squat Thrusts – Start in a push-up position. Next, while keeping your hands planted on the ground, jump your feet forward next to the outside of your hands, and then jump straight up in the air like a SQUAT JUMP. Land in a controlled manner and plant your hands in front of you, jumping your legs backwards so you are again in a push-up position. Again, the amount of SQUAT THRUSTS that you can do will depend on your personal fitness level. Just like SQUAT JUMPS, you can either do four sets of 8 to 20 SQUAT THRUSTS or do a few sets of timed intervals.

You’re on your way to tighter and more defined butt and leg muscles, and though jumping up-and-down to celebrate may be out of the question after this workout, plenty of water and a healthy snack is a great way to reward you and your body after you HOP, SKIP or JUMP.

We hope that you liked this series! If you missed any part of it, CLICK HERE for PART 1 – HOP or HERE for PART 2 – SKIP. We can’t wait to hear about the success you have hopping, skipping and now jumping your way to having a great butt and amazing legs. So, let us and the rest of our community know how these and other exercises are working for you in the comments section below!

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