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5.    5 Unhealthy Habits and 5 Solutions

If you are stressed-out, rushing around, eating poorly and neglecting your exercise or workout routine, first I would like to say “welcome to the club,” then checkout these 5 tips to avoid unhealthy habits. (CLICK to READ the Full Article)

What did our readers have to say about this TOP TIP?

“This was so helpful! Usually I skip a real lunch before working out because I feel like it’ll slow me down, but I won’t anymore thanks to this article! So thankful for LA Fitness. Lost 25 pounds in less than 6 month!” said Marta.

“I’ve been out of the fitness loop for so long. This post is a great reminder of the basic principles I need to stick to in order to be successful. I think I will print this and post in a place that will constantly remind me! Thanks for the tips and even more so the solutions!!” said Living Healthy follower Jillchar8.

4.    3 Easy Rules to Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss is challenging for many people, and it can be difficult to sift through all of the information about how to lose weight. So we simplified it for you with these 3 Easy Rules. (CLICK to READ the Full Article)

Check out how the Living Healthy community helps each other in the comments section.

Donna’s comment – “I am getting nauseous when I do either spin/step. I do eat breakfast(oatmeal/blueberries) lunch sandwich turkey and yogurt in between, and about an hr b4 I go to (the) gym I eat a(n) apple and peanut butter and drink water; but still find myself feeling light-headed at times?? I am losing weight so very slowly in my middle, which I NEVER had before such a challenge…Help!!!”

Grace’s comment – “Hi Donna,
I try to eat at least half a meal before working out, to avoid nausea or dizziness, especially if you are going to do more cardio workout than weights. I used to get dizzy when I do yoga or Pilates, found out that my blood pressure medicine was too strong, and the sudden drop of blood pressure caused the dizziness or vertigo effect. Hope you feel better soon and get a great workout.”

3.    What has more calories — a cup of sliced BANANAS or a cup of sliced STRAWBERRIES?

Sure, both are healthy choices and great foods for you to eat, but I use this question to prove a simple point — numerous people have no idea about the calorie content of the foods they eat. Do you want to know the answer? (CLICK to READ the Full Article)

Did you guess correctly?

Let us know if the answer surprised you or how you knew the answer in the comments section!

2.    Wave Goodbye to Arm Flab with 3 Surprising Exercise

Two of the “3 Surprising Exercises” don’t even require you to use your arms in order to help you burn the annoying extra layer of fat off of them. Surprised? (CLICK to READ the Full Article)

And the #1 read TOP TIP is…

1.   Want Abs? Got Abs?

When it comes to fitness goals and pesky problem areas, toning our stomachs is a common goal. It’s hard to flatten out our stomachs and have great abs, but with some hard work and determination you can do it! (CLICK to READ the Full Article)

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