You might be surprised to hear that when it comes to health and fitness celebrities LeAnn Rimes and Christina Milian share many of the same challenges that the rest of you do. I had a chance to ask them about their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to achieving their fitness goals while they attended the LA Fitness VIP reception in Woodland Hills, California. Their answers were similar—if not identical—to most of the club members that I speak to when it comes to confronting the temptations of their favorite not-so-healthy foods, fitting workouts into hectic schedules and wondering which exercises are the best for them to accomplish their fitness goals.

LeAnn Rimes stopped by with her husband, Eddie Cibrian, where they checked out the new facility, hopped on some equipment and talked about their lives and fitness.

Everybody has their weaknesses when it comes to indulging in their favorite foods and for Rimes and Cibrian it is no different. “We had cheese sticks and pizza last night,” said Rimes. Though they both admitted that pizza, wine and cheese were difficult to avoid; it is french fries and sweet potato fries that that the couple seems to agree are their Achilles heel when it comes to less than healthy fare.

Overall, they maintain a healthy lifestyle and understand that a day of pizza or fries here and there doesn’t mean all their hard work is thrown away. It just means that they need to work a bit harder the next day, and remember that the key to living healthy is to stay the course over the long-term.

In fact, Rimes’ goals focus on the bigger picture in life; it’s  not just her career and being in the spotlight that motivates her.

“It’s not really our careers,” said Rimes. “I mean I want to be healthy for the rest of my life…and live a long life.”

Cibrian agrees that creating healthy habits takes a conscious effort, commitment and an occasional reminder to get motivated.

“It’s a lifestyle; it’s not just a whim where I’m going to work out for a couple weeks and get in shape,” said Cibrian. And if he does feel like he is slacking, his sure-fire way to get motivated is pretty simple. “You just have to look in the mirror and see how out of shape you are; that keeps you motivated.”

Also making an appearance was Christina Milian with her daughter, Violet. Violet made an immediate b-line to go play in the new Kids Klub, giving Milian enough time to head over to the red carpet where she talked about her life, work, getting to the gym and being a mom.

“I’m really busy. I’ve got a new swimwear line. I’m working on my album right now and in twenty days we start working on The Voice again,” said Milian.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget her primary job…full time mother. For Milian, getting in her workouts provides her with a therapeutic “sweat” that helps her to keep up with a busy schedule and an energetic toddler.

“My favorite thing is to sweat,” said Milian. “Luckily there are things like Kids Klub that I can drop her (Violet) off at, thank god!”

Though she would love to have one, Milian doesn’t have a personal trainer at this time and admits that she doesn’t always know or remember exactly what to do.

“My least favorite thing to do is to try to figure out what to do on the weights if I don’t have a trainer,” said Milian. She also talked about how there are so many new programs and styles of working out these days that it can be daunting to know what to do. At times she even finds it difficult to remember how and when to do certain exercises. “I don’t mind lunges,” said Milian. “You just got to tell me to do them…I’ll forget.”

Contrary to popular belief, many celebrities don’t necessarily have personal dietitians and fitness trainers on stand-by to figure out everything for them. From avoiding delicious french fries, to finding child care, to feeling lost about how to work out, celebrities too face these typical challenges. Milian sums it up nicely with a simple statement. “We are all human.”



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