Increase in blood pressure, headaches, weakened immune system, lack of sleep; the list goes on when it comes to the symptoms of stress and its negative effect on your health. With so many implications it is important to know how to manage stress in your daily life…Dr. Sean Daneshmand offers the following tips to help you reduce stress and maintain a happy life.

Exercise and Diet are essential – Remember that your “diet” is what you eat — your food choices — it doesn’t necessarily mean you are “dieting” to lose weight.

“Eating well and exercise are great ways to reduce stress,” said Dr. Daneshmand. “Healthy eating habits and exercise must be a way of life.”

Making healthy food choices provides your body with the tools it needs to work efficiently — more efficient means less stress — and less stress makes for a happy body!

Know what makes you happy – It may seem simple, but many of us get so caught up in our tasks that we forget to focus on and enjoy the things that make us happy.

“I have often asked myself ‘what is happiness?’” said Dr. Daneshmand. “Happiness is when I wake up every morning — at least majority of the time (laughs) — excited about my day!”

It’s all in the mind…FOCUS – Things move fast in today’s day and age, and it is easy to become overwhelmed as we try to get EVERYTHING done. FOCUSING on one thing at a time can help you accomplish tasks and reduce stress because you can now manage your day effectively.

“There are mind exercises that I speak about to my patients,” said Dr. Daneshmand. “If you are at work, focus on work. When you are at home, focus on your family and nothing else — put down your cell phone and stay away from the computer.  When you are exercising, focus on only exercising. When you are with friends, focus on being with your friends.  This (mind) exercise allows you to be present and live in the now…By remaining focused you are living in the present but preparing for the future.”

Let others know what helps you live a happier and stress free life in the Living Healthy comments section below!



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